starting from today i'm back on my bullshit (working on my own projects fulltime)

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@rosano think i mentioned this previously, but i was working with friends on an ssb grant :)

@cblgh oh ok, well congrats on the move, how is that feeling? what are you hoping to do?

@rosano not a move so much as end of the grant, but i'm happy to have unscheduled time for pursuing personal projects :) i'll share updates in posts as they progress

@cblgh coool!!! good luck! would you mind if I DM you in the near future to ask how it's going? i'm planning on going indie full time as well

@0xbiel go ahead :) advice-wise i think you might be better off checking in with folx who are doing similar things close to where you are e.g. & his company geut (really nice guy building stuff with dat/hypercore :)

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