as a bonus, i also learned how to tie a double fisherman's knot (really a n-fisherman's knot when u think abt it) because a long thread snapped into two

(thought it was ridiculous to have to use a new bit just cause i didn't know me knots)

@cblgh That's rad. I usually start a new thread -- it never occurred to me that of course knot skills still apply at this micro level.

@cblgh i would get that toe checked out if I where you..

@cblgh Is that an apple or a lime?
I learned the hard way not to use a tennis ball :unacceptable:
I sew along the hair of it in the sock repair.. I had to cut the sock out, tennis ball a little less hair, yellow patch on sock.

@wendy hahah ohh noo what an anti-climax 馃檲 it's a granny smith apple! figured it would work well as a darning mushroom :3

@tty in a way! i really liked the activity itself, very zone-inducing :3

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