and we have our first thread and its two replies served in the browser live!

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took a code break yesterday (pondered later structural facets after some back and forth with devine :)

anyway, you can now create new threads from the browser :>

fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

i.. guess i should get on that repo thing huh

on the train home, tapping away at the account registration & authentication bits

hope to have a first version of the forum running for y'all this weekend! :>

busy putting together the small pieces that make the whole work; showing error messages, error handling, testing the registration flow, etc

there are many steps to making even the most basic forum suitable for cohabitation :>

that said, i'm intentionally building out the most *basic* scaffolding—my intention is that we build and design this thing together, using the forum itself :^)

ayoo we have (scripting safe!) forum markup a-going

note: the embedded image is an image of the forum

just finished the registration cookie bit and i think it's basically complete for this incipient stage.

tomorrow, i'll do some bug hunting, cleaning up, and writing the about page. after that i'll see if i can find someone else from the instance to test it a bit with me before deploying :3

the first version of the merveilles forum will come online tomorrow evening

get yr thread engines started 🧵

@cblgh any thoughts on using a moderation system like trustnet with the forum format? any particular differences/challenges vs the chat format?

@ciel yup! definitely have some thoughts on that front ^_^ it'll be interesting to explore

@cblgh Love that you are making a forum! It seems like it uses a similar stack to, feel free to explore the source for inspiration:

@cblgh It's already looking brilliant :3

Thanks for doing all of this. I'll do my part in trying to populate it later :D

@cblgh true that! did you mention somewhere why you started this project?

@neauoire it is! barring anything unexpected, i'm still on track for onboarding the first users this weekend :>

at the latest, this first version will be launched next week

@neauoire i FINALLY understand why you were eating these weird corn pancakes lol

love the ingredient simplicity too, kinda feel like it will join my other quick staples :) it was easy enough that i could make it as a side while my lentil soup was boiling

@neauoire @cblgh you are definitely covered on the restaurant-photography angle if you decide to start a vegan restaurant ever..

@neauoire @cblgh we have a pond out here ,, and we really want to have a little boat bar in it . .. ah dreams

@fleeky @neauoire i give Chez Pino's mapo tofu a 5/5 stars, will visit again when they make port nearby :~)

@cblgh HAHAHA, sorry, I got my threads mixed up. That's on me,

@cblgh image_of_html_content_with_same_background_as_html_background

@cblgh looks great! can't wait to start using it. :)

@m15o real happy to hear that! 🥰 i'm imagining we'll take the styling, design, markup etc up several notches as a community after people are able to login and post, this all is just the baarest of bones :>

@neauoire nice, i was kind of hoping you would :) i'll try to hit you up my evening / yr morning tomorrow then!

@whtrbt thanx :3 hoping i can spot some dumb stuff quickly with the first external tester, fix those things and then just launch for everyone to test, opine, and contrib :>

@cblgh I'm really curious how you're handling registration! would you mind sharing?

@christa the source will be up this coming week, i'll make sure to link you the relevant bits :>

@cblgh sweet, thanks! I'm more curious about how you're thinking about the social part of registration (eg who gets to register) than technical bits

@christa i guessed that might be the case, but also kinda feel like i wanna get the thing out and have it proven before i talk too much abt it 🙈

sorry if that's disappointing! once it's online, i can circle back to this convo and answer any questions you might have after seeing the site first-hand :)

@skyfaller golang, probably going to be AGPL (tho i'm inclined to do something like anti-cap license for the luls)

it's specifically made for merveilles, mind so ymmv :)

@cblgh Whoa, I'm super impressed by how fast you were able to pump this out. 👏
Looking forward to check it out! :tealheart:

@rostiger happy to hear that 🥰

i'm pleasantly surprised it came together this quickly :) there's more to do—of course—but there always is, isn't there

looking forward to your posts!

@cblgh now i'm listening to your #anonradio interview right now. i haven't heard any mention of a forum in this interview yet! how many other things do you have in stealthmode?

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