the spacing's better in the pdf than the pictured revision

felt like writing a small post about the habit tracker on my website :)

@cblgh i like that view of the days in a year :o

@cblgh looks beautiful. i have avoided streaks, finding them to be too much of a 'time pressure', but i know many people say they find it a helpful motivator.

@rosano i can understand that :)

personally, i quite like them; especially for trivial quests. one year, i received a book of 365 sudokus for christmas and took it on myself to solve one each day for the entire following year. it was very personally illuminating to maintain the habit even during stressful times, or when sick. self-discovery through the mundane, or sth like that haha :>

@cblgh that sounds cool and very condusive. probably a plus if you really look forward to it and it's enjoyable + destressing + unintimidating. as if you get chocolate each day 😋

@cblgh i like its simplicity a lot. might go print one tonight if i remember to.

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