and we have our first thread and its two replies served in the browser live!

took a code break yesterday (pondered later structural facets after some back and forth with devine :)

anyway, you can now create new threads from the browser :>

on the train home, tapping away at the account registration & authentication bits

hope to have a first version of the forum running for y'all this weekend! :>

busy putting together the small pieces that make the whole work; showing error messages, error handling, testing the registration flow, etc

there are many steps to making even the most basic forum suitable for cohabitation :>

ayoo we have (scripting safe!) forum markup a-going

note: the embedded image is an image of the forum

just finished the registration cookie bit and i think it's basically complete for this incipient stage.

tomorrow, i'll do some bug hunting, cleaning up, and writing the about page. after that i'll see if i can find someone else from the instance to test it a bit with me before deploying :3


the first version of the merveilles forum will come online tomorrow evening

get yr thread engines started 🧵

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in today's forum changes:
* quote styling (wow such innovation) thanks @royo
* first version of post timestamps (initial contrib by @icco)
* golang improvements from sigrid & @icco
* reposting bug is fixed (thanks @milofultz for tracking the issue down)
* a book club thread
* other stuff

in 24 hours the merveilles forum has had..

73 users register, who wrote 225 posts across 11 threads

wow y'all 😍🥰

in the first week, the forum saw 103 users join and create 511 posts across 28 threads :merveilles:

@skyfaller golang, probably going to be AGPL (tho i'm inclined to do something like anti-cap license for the luls)

it's specifically made for merveilles, mind so ymmv :)

@cblgh Whoa, I'm super impressed by how fast you were able to pump this out. 👏
Looking forward to check it out! :tealheart:

@rostiger happy to hear that 🥰

i'm pleasantly surprised it came together this quickly :) there's more to do—of course—but there always is, isn't there

looking forward to your posts!

@cblgh now i'm listening to your #anonradio interview right now. i haven't heard any mention of a forum in this interview yet! how many other things do you have in stealthmode?

@stunder they are coming out with too many things all the time! lots of thing left not covered in the interview :D

@cblgh lol that was a miss fired posting. it was meant for @neauoire while they were talking about projects on #anonradio

@stunder @cblgh haha, the forum basically launched during my talking with @gef on the show haha. TOO NEW

@cblgh nice work! Very nice choices made all around. 👌

@focus404 thanks! it has some rough edges but i'm really happy to have done this for us all 😊

@flbr thanks for participating and making the effort worthwhile :>

@cblgh so great! If you need hosting help or want to move to postgres at any point, let me know. Will hopefully look to see if there are any code contributions I can make tonight :D

So excited for merveilles to grow.

@cblgh Just signed up and made my first comment. 🍵 Another cozy place.

@cblgh This is a lovely place, you did a great job!

@ice thank you lectronice :3 it's only going to get nicer over the next weeks and months :>

@cblgh a forum so good it inspired me to try to join the webring just to be able to use it ✨

@cblgh I starred the Github repo before I had even seen the forum haha

@cblgh Looks great! Are there RSS feeds for public threads / groups / users / etc.?

@cblgh eyyyy, nice. I am super on board with all of those reasons for its creation and think it'll be a great fit for merv folks 🖤

@cblgh very excited, I wanna tinker around and maybe make a CSS sheet for it (maybe even custom themes :0)

@protodrew i'm sure @thomasorus can help us implement the custom themes very very nicely :>

@cblgh @protodrew I'm gonna redirect all the frontend energy I prepared for sourcehut into this forum. è_é

@thomasorus @cblgh @protodrew ohh yes that’s gonna be good! I can definitely help with the themes and font selection and css stuff too :3

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