i would’ve never expected it, but coding on my phone via ssh and using vim works surprisingly well? modal editors, having been developed for printout-based viewing, seem to translate really well to mobile’s constrained input options

slow, of course, but engaging and oddly satisfying; Shelly on iOS is a legit, minimal ssh app :~

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kinda counter-intuitive but i could definitely see uxn working well in this environment haha

@cblgh On iOS I’ve found that the inability to hold down something like the j key makes it a pain, as well as the extra steps needed to access special characters (and go back from special chars to the regular keyboard) like $

@jarbus i never really homerowed, having grown up with wasd from online gaming, so not terribly bothered. i found myself trying to minimize movement in general and using Shelly’s directional swiping

@cblgh nano with "mouse" input works surprisingly well on mobile too, especially if your terminal emulator supports dragging to scroll/input the up and down keys

you'll want to turn word wrap on, but not the word wrap that forcefully places newline characters in wrapped lines

@cblgh yeah I find it surprisingly okay to use vim from a phone

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