damn i keep getting rekt ordering cause i forget to mention i want a half pint (not a pint!) 馃ゴ

@alderwick what鈥檚 brewing in yr cup tonight andy, an evening herbal tea or a late-night black tea? :~

@cblgh um鈥 馃槼

The usual thing we do is to have green tea early in the afternoon, and keep the same leaves in the pot with fresh batches of water through the rest of the day!

I'm not sure it counts as tea at this point (fourth complete change of boiling water), but if you hold it up to a spectrometer it'll tell you there's some colour in there! 馃槀

@alderwick ah! sounds nice :) i squeeze a few brews outta my green leaves as well, tho i typically get too keen on switching flavors in the late afternoon to last more than a couple of cups of the same leaves 馃か

@cblgh what are you doing here in Wales? Welcome! 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伔鬆伂鬆伋鬆伩

@tty haha yas it is :) been in the running now for hmmm 6 years, maybe? still going strong!

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