resuming work on Cerca again! first out: merging a PR that makes Cerca usable for running a forum over Tor or i2p 🤯

@thomasorus nooooo rush!! i just got a sudden burst of excitement cause someone got in touch about wanting to use it for their community in mexico and wanted to help them in their translation efforts :>

@thomasorus btw this work's gonna open up the way for passing themes once we gots em!

@kototama @thomasorus hold yer horses, i've got to build up some momentum and finish what i started!

but yes yer feature request has been noted (it's been on my mind too) 😊

@cblgh @thomasorus eh eh I didn't want to put you under pressure. I just though it may be the best solution to keep engagement. Or integration with hometown ah ah but I guess the goal is to keep the code small also.

@kototama @thomasorus yeah i think that can be cool to make it easier for people to keep tabs on it :)

i'm also fine with interest waxing and waning over time, there's no rush

@thomasorus you would be proud of me thomas, even translating all the damn aria text!

*smacks forum* this thing's gonna fit so much a11y x i18n after i'm done

@cblgh Awesome! Nice feat adding translation. Looking forward to all the new changes. :blobcat_owo:

@JotaEmese thanks for spurring them on! 🥰 hope to have something you can use soon :>

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