related in spirit to @rostiger's sailing-inspired posts, i'm currently taking my second week of sailing courses! ⛵

during the week we'll be repeating the fundamentals and then moving onto sailing with a spinnaker :~

“Just thinking out loud. . . . How smart’s an AI, Case?”

“Depends. Some aren’t much smarter than dogs. Pets. Cost a fortune anyway. The real smart ones are as smart as Turing heat is willing to let ’em get.”

“Look, you’re a cowboy. How come you aren’t just flat-out fascinated with those things?”

another outcome of the meetup in italy was being exposed to hammock camping via @rostiger

i… might have caught the bug. pic me testing out a ticket to the moon hammock in the park yesterday

aw yeah, i got a spring-loaded mechanical scale for cheap in town today :~~~

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