@erin @tomupom happy to hear the forum is still useful, even it its current dormant state :>

just realized i never shared the final product of my keyboard build.. 😁

@flip @kototama ya don't eat it, but also cabbage leaves are already packed with lactobacilli iirc. which is why they are so good for ferments in the first case :~

@kototama nice :3

some things that helped me:
* getting no-ingredient sea salt by the kilo
* sterilizing jars in the oven
* using folded cabbage leaves or onion skins as weights (ty devine)
* using ph strips to convince myself i would survive the tasting session X)

@glyph hell ya man 😍 best of luck & looking forward to following what comes from this 🖤

tfw planning to get some saturday morning work in on a personal project but you instead have a really good chat with a friend

totally worth it

@tty this seems like over-optimization: it's better for you and an extremely negligent impact on the world to print out the articles and actually read them than not imo.

you can always do something else with the paper after the fact—give them away, organize in folders, fold paper cranes & planes

I don't do a lot of promotion, but y'all might be interested to know that INPRNT has free worldwide shipping today only!


@kensanata yaaaa i do it maybe once every two or three weeks, really helps a lot!

@kensanata do you swap jars every so often? i find that helps a bunch to mitigate issues in the longer term

@eris it’s an attachment to the house where u exclusively sit to cyber

oddly popular

programming question 

@glyph but no real strong preference tbh, except the animated dots those are cool

programming question 

@glyph hmm the first if i can get the dots to animate. otherwise probably the latter, which lets you log if an error occurred on the line that would be printed out instead

e.g. "Tried to initialise database; failed because <x>" replacing "Database initialised"

Dall-E aligned 

@paul if you want an alternative viewpoint into this space, i think matt webb’s posts on the topic are interesting :)

(ofc tho it’s a clusterfuck of appropriation, theft, and massive resource usage)

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