swenglish recipe translation 

@thrill @karolbelina oh and measurements
dl = 100 ml
msk = tablespoon (15ml)
tsk = teaspoon (5ml)
krm = (pinch? idk) 1 ml

swenglish recipe translation 

@thrill @karolbelina mb add another banana tho if they're medium-small :)

swenglish recipe translation 

@thrill @karolbelina ahh it's in swenglish atm lol but here's a screenshot

vetemjöl = flour
socker = sugar
bikarbonat = bicarbonate
kanel = cinnamon
vaniljsocker = vanilla sugar
rapsolja = canola oil
havredryck = oat milk
äppelcidervinäger = apple cider vinegar
kaffe = coffee

wow, my friend just inadvertently coined the best pitch for gemini:

you don't have to (CANT) write css

@Preston ? r u shaming someone for their font choice or am i missing something

@nasser omg so many good tracks in this list, like wth is puddles pity party?!!

@royniang @neauoire tho the best thing i did when starting a work journal for the recent ssb work was creating this short script

cd ~/code/ngi-wiki/diary
today="$(date -I)"
wc -l "$file" 2> /dev/null || $(echo "## $today" > "$file")
vim "+normal Go" '+startinsert' "$file"

opens / names the correct diary file in a specified folder. if it exists, it goes to the end of it & starts inserting :)

@royniang @neauoire i think the best format is the one that you use :) hard to give good advice, feels like the proper format stems from your goals. that was the case for my choices with plain at least

@aw maybe ungleich.ch is interesting to look at, at least from a values-aligned perspective?
> A Swiss datacenter run by 100% renewable energy (99.9% hydropower from the Alps, 0.1 % solar power.). Data Center Light has full FOSS stack, 100% IPv6 and 100% SSD. Debian, Ubuntu, Devuan, AlpineLinux, Archlinux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and CentOS VMs.

via @glyph

@neauoire really glad to hear that :tealheart: :tealheart:

fwiw: plain is designed to pair well with monotome, with an idea that i can use my existing authoring workflow to keep working effortlessly in private, while later trivially folding selected output into the public :)

@neauoire ya! one my goals was wanting to try something oscean-like, but without ripping you off entirely—cause that would be plain boring :)

it has some way to go still, but if you're curious how i use it you can look inside the example folder

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