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the 'introduction to programming' ebook is now published! you can get it in , and formats! :tealheart:

by buying the book, you help to support @compudanzas and our projects!

thank you @neauoire @alderwick @exquisitecorp, merveilles and the community, for your support, encouragement and inspiration for this project! :merveilles:

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the first version of the merveilles forum will come online tomorrow evening

get yr thread engines started 🧵

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just finished the registration cookie bit and i think it's basically complete for this incipient stage.

tomorrow, i'll do some bug hunting, cleaning up, and writing the about page. after that i'll see if i can find someone else from the instance to test it a bit with me before deploying :3

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oh shit i'm doing it: WORDLE 

Wordle 204 3/6


alt-<number> is uh, currently insufficient ^^ and splits are not as useful in this situation (many disparate files)

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hm anyone know if there's a quick way of navigating among a gazillion vim tabs? i tried searching but came up with naught :/

ideally, i could type a partial phrase which would match against filenames being buffered by open tab pages

ayoo we have (scripting safe!) forum markup a-going

note: the embedded image is an image of the forum

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»A potential escape from Roko’s basilisk»
a fun & light-hearted exploration of the concept, diving into tagential topics throughout the quickly-read post. by the excellent matt webb/interconnected

»Fucked Company allowed employees to post anonymous comments on why their employer was losing money, had abused employees, or was discriminating against some group, identifying unethical managers and defective products or services by name. Employees were free to explain why they thought the companies were going out of business»

the spacing's better in the pdf than the pictured revision

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I'm on the lookout for new freelance project gigs or part-time employed work. I'm fluent in C, Rust, JavaScript, Python and Ruby, with a bunch of experience (parsers, graphics programming, databases, backend, frontend, native applications, ...). My passion these days is no-bloat, no-nonsense, low-complexity tech that benefits humanity and solves actual problems. DM me or email to get in touch. Cheers!

i found out this jam on, it's already started but the timing is very chill, more than two weeks to make a tamagotchi (?)

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