Another tiny yacht I love:

Trekka, just 20 feet six inches long, designed by Englishman Laurent Giles (for 50 quid) and built at the back of a fish and chips shop in Victoria, British Columbia, by a then 23-year-old John Guzwell.

Between 1955 and 1959, Guzwell sailed Trekka around the world, then wrote a classic book about it.

@ccohanlon I'd read the hell out of that book. Thanks for the info.

@ccohanlon As eventful a life as Vertue Carina -
My pic of her at Simon's Town in 2018.
This is the boat, in the late 60s, where single hander Bruce Dalling woke to find himself in the middle of the US Indian Ocean fleet. Over the radio an officious demand: "Identify yourself". His reply "Vertue Carina, single-handed Hong Kong to Durban. I won't attack unless severely provoked."

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