Is there anything more pitiful than an old man who spends hours re-working a once impressive CV then realises he’d rather put a bullet in his head than have anything more to do with whomever/whatever it describes?

@ccohanlon What would be a on CV that describes the person you'd want to be now at this point in life?

@neauoire I am not a young man, Devine. "At this point in life" — which is mere millimetres from death — I don't have aspirations to be anything/anyone other than who I am. Which is not someone who gives a shit about encompassing a varied life on a CV, even if impoverished.

@ccohanlon I'm sorry you're thrown back into the churn of looking for work millimeters from death, I'd hoped that this civilization could expend you the dignity to not have to waste your time on that sort of bullshit.

@neauoire It's probably karma for a life lived recklessly, expansively, but not often well. I feel no self-pity — just regret and embarrassment.

@ccohanlon yeah, well. I'm going to be in that same boat myself. Any tips?


@neauoire Actually, two. One is a quote from William Burroughs (via Patti Smith): "Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful — be concerned with doing good work and make the right choices and protect your work. And if you build a good name, eventually, that name will be its own currency."

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