Figured out what components to place.

Now to think about how to make the front more beautiful.

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#Indieweb commies want you to think personal websites are 'hip', but there's no # money # gain # profit in being a human person (online). That's why I'm advocating for 💰Impersonal Websites 💰, to promote more business-business business profit (online!).

(Sometimes you buy a whole new domain just so you can shitpost about it…)

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The Handmade stream starts in an hour or so, I'll be talking in two hours about fun things that I stumbled upon while exploring and virtual machines.

It's nice to see SLS launch, Dwarf Fortress release, and other long / delayed projects finish.

Setbacks are inevitable. But there's an end to them.

Shout-out to server tiger @somnius and the admins for working hard to keep the instance running well, in the face of this huge migration wave.

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✋ The instance is overloaded and federating too slowly
👌 We're temporarily reducing our post intake so we can stay calm and centered

Haunting to see the public requests for recovering WeChat accounts talking about how they feel isolated from the world, and losing basic utilities.

We are cyborgs, and most of our implants are owned by the corporates or the government.

I love that NYT uploaded old paper news to digital format.

This one from 1996 explains solvents and their uses way better than what you would find with a Google search.

Air quality is probably the most important one for me; my thinking gets sluggish easily when air is stale.

I can't justify detecting brightness as easily. Still... would be nice to do that for the plants.

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Thinking of making a "universal meter": A small Arduino you can attach different sensors onto.

My goal is to understand my work / daily environment, better prepare for them, and perhaps improve them too.

- CO2 meter
- lumen
- PM2.5

What else?

Man-made disaster 

My brother in Christ this is not how you do Renewable Energy.

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Man-made disaster 

TIL that in order to complete a hydroelectric station, Qiandao Lake was created by purposely flooding two towns, forcing 289k residents to migrate.

This was in 1959, right before the Great Chinese Famine.

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