Anyone know an audio engine that allows me to control virtual instruments easily? e.g. I can issue commands like "Play an 8th note of A5."

I'm building a game in Unity that plays like Snake and sounds like Jazz.

on days of creativity lows I come here, and never fails to be inspired by what others are making, or encouraged by the common struggles.

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I either freelanced or worked on my own project this year. Thus I did not have a weekend until August when I decided to take a break from working.

The effect is quite visible: as soon as I started having routine band practices, meetups, and parties on the weekends, the days of the week started correlating with mood.

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- Depressive episodes could stem both from working too much, and boredom.
- Quarantine doesn't affect me much.
- Traveling often has a delayed affect of boosting mood.
- Health affects mood greatly.

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how do you manage to steer away from the news?

I can't contain my morbid curiosity.

Feeling incredibly unmotivated to go out and socialize due to weather. Merfolks of the colder regions, how do you keep your motivation up in winter?

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@CODAME ART+TECH Festival 2020 call for proposals/volunteers/sponsors out now! Due Nov 1st, event runs Dec 11-20 👀💭 to connect, collaborate, & celebrate 😁

When you discover a weakness in your personality, do you rid of it by developing yourself, or do you work around it by putting yourself in a situation where the weakness can't hurt?

My mind is blown by this music video.

Next level synthesthesia.

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I'm looking to learn shorthand writing. Which system do you use?

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