The process of creating music is so different between live musicians and electronic music producers.

Last night I fell asleep after crashing onto my bed. As a result, yesterday was my first miss for this year's :moar:

How do other participants go about missing a day? Do you allow debts - making up the missed drawing later? Or just skip the day, since it's over?

Has anyone explored Holochain? How does it differ from other decentralized or serverless tech?

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feature length zen buddhist koan
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obscure denouement

I found some article claiming this form of happiness more resistant to the hedonic treadmill. Further research required.

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I think @neauoire and someone else was chatting about how this article talks about pleasure, and one of the sources of pleasure being taking pleasure in other people's pleasure.

This resembles the concept of Eudaimonia in philosophy and positive psychology: the state of well-being that comes from living according to one's virtue, and associated with sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Revisiting this analysis, it seems my condition for happiness is quite simple:

- Good health
- Infrequent traveling
- Engaging work that does not overwhelm

It's a bit strange and almost disappointing to find the "golden rule of life" and realize it's common sense, really. But it's also comforting.

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I could definitely hear some chords forming as they zoom around.

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Having fun with spatial audio. These are 24 audio sources, each playing one note of the chromatic scale.

look at these grotesque forms of humanity, and ask yourself if you feel any sympathy towards them, and if you should feel any sympathy towards them.

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How does art and entertainment fit into Effective Altruism?

Too bad juniper berry is so expensive here. I'd love to add more piney notes in there.

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I also tested making a cocktail out of it with tonic water, as my initial goal was to make G&T for cheap at home.

It adds a delicious fragrance to it, though the spices felt too warm for summer. Also amplified the sweetness a whole lot.

For the next batch, I'd like to tune down the licorice flavor by taking out the fennel seeds. Going to throw a few dried flowers in too, as I miss the flowery notes from store-bought gin.

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Filtered the aquavit today and did a taste test. Woah. Did not expect this licorice and fennel dominant flavor.

Drinking it straight had too overwhelming a taste - either from the caraway or the fennel or both - but thinning it out with vodka gives me a warm & sweet drink that I can see pair well with dairy.

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