Our 2nd show is coming to a screen near you in early August.

if you want to play or do visuals, we'd love to host.

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Huge props to our tiny team of 3 who pulled this off in just 3 weeks :>
Thanks to the musicians and collaborators that helped make this happen.

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A month ago we held a virtual concert. On the moon. In your phone. With shader livecoding. Called HYPERSCREEN.



node based audiovisual composition. ALL ON THE WEB.

I'm so amazed by the production quality and amount of features.


this year's HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference is happening online July 25 - August 2. The organizer is looking for talks and workshops - and very open to topics!

enjoying Initial D's soundtrack unironically

You can see similar structures from the original Game of Life, e.g. the gliders, except it's now circular and continuous.

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Implemented a variation of Conway's Game of Life: Smooth Life by Stefan Rafler. Instead of checking the grid around it, this looks at the population density within a radius from a cell.

made during the workshop

Beat Saber is giving me all the dopamine boost I need these days. Say what you will about this turbulent time, but I'm really glad I'm alive during the beginning of VR.

Set up a lil moss display in the bedroom. Feat. Patricio Gonzalez Vivo's Pixel Spirit tarot deck.

a bit embarrassed by this one, as i fell asleep last night before composing and this was done in 30 minutes this morning 🙈

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