That feeling when you change into fresh clothes after shower, sit in front of a computer, warm tea by the side, clockhand pointing at 1am, and music.

Great research and counter-argument to the criticisms of NFT lately. By Sterling Crispin.

"Attention is a finite resource, and outrage is a type of attention. We should focus our efforts where it actually matters"

Peridots and periwinkle blue medallions
Gilded galleons spilled across the ocean floor
Treasure somewhere in the sea and he will find where
Never mind their questions there's no answer for
The roll of the harbor wake
The songs that the rigging makes
The taste of the spray he takes
And he learns to give
He aches and he learns to live
He stakes all his silver
On a promise to be free
Mermaids live in colonies
All his seadreams come to me

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Okay, big-ish news: the game is fully playable! 🎉

Granted, there's still code to write, and this port should really be tested, but the biggest pre-release milestone has been reached.

Second, take a look at this: if you're playing, and you're stuck, and you want to start over, just hold down "R" and the game reddens. Wait long enough and it resets. Hold down "A", and it resets into auto-pilot till you let go.

A tour of the capsule units inside Nakagin Capsule Tower.

The idea of this metabolist architecture is that, each capsules are isolated units attached to the tower. If one unit is broken, it can be replaced anew without modifying the rest of the building.

This never happened.

I'm attempting to recreate the sound of jazz solo generatively.

Using a simple approach for now: by hand-writing licks, runs, and rests, and piece them together in code.

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translating blues licks into a customized data format for Tone.js to parse & play.

basically, all I need from org is its agenda view, timestamp feature, and the automatic tracking of done tasks.

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Started trying Orgmode. It's got some nifty features but man, do I hate picking up yet another archaic text editor with a completely different set of rules for doing _anything_...

I'm developing a hobby of attempting rational arguments on Reddit. Sure hope nothing terrible comes out of this...

It's a fun opportunity to practice critical thinking and writing, really.

Fear is a terrible, terrible motivator. Fear of fitting in, of disappointment, of death...

Even when the result stays the same, motivation matters. Doing something out of love and passion is a thousand times better than doing it out of fear.

Anyone know an audio engine that allows me to control virtual instruments easily? e.g. I can issue commands like "Play an 8th note of A5."

I'm building a game in Unity that plays like Snake and sounds like Jazz.

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