When terraforming technology matures, I wonder what effect it would have on geopolitics.

The game asks many important questions about the boundary between using technology to improve society, and robbing people of their freedom - including the freedom to be bad.

My favorite part of this is that the game does not have an exact "correct answer" to that question, either. More of a survey than a challenge.

Just finished The Red Strings Club. Such great writing.

What other words / phrases do you find difficult to translate, due to its many meanings?

Related: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/player

Check out the "Translations" section - it lists the different meanings of "player" in different languages

I realized this when writing design docs for some interactive installation. If I'm to write it in english, I would use the word "player" with ease; However, in Chinese, the closest translation would be 玩家(player / gamer). And that didn't feel right, since the installations are not quite game - they are more like instruments, or toys.
At the same time, "用户"(user) feels wrong here too, since the essence of these installations aren't to provide utility, but to provide playfulness.

It's funny how the word "player" has so many meanings in English. This becomes apparent when you translate it to another language like Chinese.

Player of a game: 玩家
Player of a video / audio: 播放器
Player of relationships:花花公子
Player of an instrument: 演奏家/xx手(鼓手,吉他手)
Player of a sport: 运动员

In other words, the word and the concept "play" has broad applications.

Between torrenting and streaming services, which would have bigger environmental impact?

There's also something ironic about releasing the video on Facebook, one of the corporations that "got a life of their own".

HOWEVER, this awkwardness is perfect for a video about how technology impacts things that's supposed to feel natural to us: food, relationships, living.

The use of Facebook 360 video, aside from its novelty, mostly gives a feeling of uneasiness.

A video that centers around one character, at one location, like merger. does not offer much extra "content" with a 360 photosphere. And as we see in the video, often times the areas outside of main character don't have much going on. Spinning the camera feels clunky as the angle is slanted, and comes at the cost of missing what's going on in the center.

Started reading Walden. Incredible how contemporary and applicable these thoughts are - and I haven’t even passed half way point of the first chapter.

Is there such thing as meaningful chaos?

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