A month ago we held a virtual concert. On the moon. In your phone. With shader livecoding. Called HYPERSCREEN.

Huge props to our tiny team of 3 who pulled this off in just 3 weeks :>
Thanks to the musicians and collaborators that helped make this happen.

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Our 2nd show is coming to a screen near you in early August.

if you want to play or do visuals, we'd love to host.

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@changbai this looks amazing! I'm looking forward to the next one :)

@0f5a thanks! yeah please come to the next one :>

@0f5a & cool username XD

i spent so much time trying to tell what it means in chinese, lol. it's a japanese adapted script? does it have any meaning?

@changbai it doesn't have a meaning, which is what makes it interesting! It's a mistaken "ghost" Japanese character that ended up in the unicode spec, but isn't a real kanji. I have a page on my site that explains it a bit:


@0f5a nice writeup! yeah, I like how even though it comes from an error, it still makes me look for meanings... it looked to me like the kanji 闇 (darkness) at first glance, but also the composition of 門(door) and 玉(jade) makes me think it means something like "treasure"...

@changbai Ah! Thanks for sharing those. The attempt to translate, and what words it could be are very interesting to me.

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