Humans evolved to labor, not to work

Which is to say that we are at our best when we use our bodies to do/make and then receive the full benefit of that effort

When we perpetually receive only the left over portion of our efforts -- after someone else benefits -- it over time diminishes us


@dualhammers Our technology is futuristic, our institutions medieval, yet our body and mind are still prehistoric.

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@changbai Is our technology actually futuristic?

It's pithy but important to point out our instructions may be "medieval" as in "old" but not purely "medieval" as in "from the middle ages."

We do seem to be heading to potentially a kind of technofuedalism but Capitalist liberalism really did replace most medieval structures of government and society.

I mean, for example, worker relationships to the land and community are fundamentally different than feudal society

@dualhammers right. But what I was trying to point out is: our technology, institution, and biology do not progress at the same rate. Perhaps that's one reason for many of our frustrations today.

@changbai Completely agree. I was being pedantic because those terms have precise meanings and I don't want people to misunderstand where our current political economy comes from :)

@changbai @dualhammers

The past and future are dreams, there is only a sequence of present moments πŸ˜‰

The past is just a curation of stories told from very specific points of view. Its scale is so great that one cannot distill a truth from it.

Dinosaur bones are not the dinosaurs ... We can't know what the dinosaurs [really] were from a few artifacts.

As for the future, we just need to see the success rate of futurologists πŸ˜›

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