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hexadecimal rotary dial
as an input device...
dialing in one nibble at a time

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hello [merveilles] world!
here's a little bit about me:

i enjoy building and/or performing slow and/or low-level and/or non-electronic computers.

i'm interested and identify with rewilding, uncivilization and daoism, and i wonder to what extent computation as i understand it can coexist with those perspectives.

i have a background in performing and media arts, and also electrical engineering.

i teach "creative coding"-related courses. and english is not my first language :)

it seems mobile devices don't like being in a WLAN with no internet access...

wondering if people here have nice recipes for okara-based food?

we have been preparing our own 'soy milk' and/or tofu, and so far we have been improvising with the resulting okara...

'i hope the screens don't make you forget the sun, the fire, and other stars...'

being here i got inspired to journal frequently in paper. in a way that has been my inktober? :)

"very clever, but could i do that without buying new stuff?"

a little bit of text-editing with ed won't hurt anybody (?)

in theory i had deleted my online presence... in practice i'm over here debating whether to share stuff via gemini, gopher, ssb, i2p, tor, and/or 'the web', or not...

creating text-based materials for a video-based generation (?)

i wonder to what extent people are willing to try using manyverse and/or "the fediverse" after the social dilemma movie and its hype (haven't watched it yet)

the "advanced web interface" was overwhelming me... back to "basics"?

will the use of [javascript | fossil fuels] be given up voluntarily?

hexadecimal rotary dial
as an input device...
dialing in one nibble at a time

"no amount of html tags can convey what i feel for you"

(is teaching me to stop asking, and just be present?
(could i stop asking questions?))

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what/who i am for ?
is there in him some kind of symbolic representation of "myself"?
am i clearly from another "species"?
is "my body" for him the same "unit" that i would consider a "whole"?

mirroring the materials/activities i'm writing for my intro to creative coding course (in spanish) into my capsule at gemini://

including a fish function and script i made to generate some simple line-based drawings with imagemagick:

(the course uses ... but it's more fun to be also actively learning new stuff along the way!)

oops, i don't know anymore how to add some features to an interactive installation i was developing some months ago - even then i had some trouble imagining it because they were outside the original architecture... i feel tempted to start from scratch 😅

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Merveilles is a community project aimed at the establishment of new ways of speaking, seeing and organizing information — A culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design. A warm welcome to any like-minded people who feel these ideals resonate with them.