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time to take myself less seriously, while simultaneously taking myself more seriously :)

i like the idea of sharing videos (e.g. tutorial recordings from a workshop, to the participants) via torrent, but i've never actually done it.
is this the time to try it?
have any of you done it?

i wouldn't want to succumb once again to web or "cloud" services :)

we've been collecting rainwater in a very improvised way.

i find it interesting to see and weigh how much water we can get, and how much water the "civilized technology" of a normal toilet uses.

@csepp hey! just wanted to let you know i'm back at guix hehe :cooldog:

found this sketch from two years ago!

two human-danced circular shift registers feed their contents into a human-danced nor-based full adder, which stores its result in another human-danced circular shift register.

would love to eventually see it happening :)

my custom .gmi source format is now called .gmo (?)

it has the possibility to include literal html in the web version only, and literal gemtext in the gemini version only

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inspired by the 100r wiki engine, i'm back again at my gemtext2html.awk program, improving it for a wiki-like experience

> If you find some of the news and analysis unbearable then you are not alone. We can help each other become better at allowing our difficult emotions, to notice them, honour them as valid and helpful, but then breathe, move, notice also that right now we are safe and that we still have time to change our lives in response. It’s in communities of people who don’t pretend it’s less bad than it is that we can avoid getting stuck in either our aversion to emotional pain or our immersion in it.

@kensanata hey! i liked your version control for beginners post!
i normally have those simple requirements, and i've used git in the way you described, although with less knowledge of the diff possibilities.
however, i wonder: how do you do the "recover old versions of what i wrote" part of the requirement? (maybe that could be in the guide?)
that has never been clear to me, and in theory it's the main reason i start using version control in a project 😅

darena, a virtual bunch-of-rocks machine running in uxn, now seems to be ready to be operated

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almost done! this implied a rewrite from scratch, but now every rock can be pushed! (unless there's another one obstructing its path)

i want to add a station for toggling the color of a rock, and this will be ready for some virtual rocks-based computing :tealheart:

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implemented an "array of rocks" and collision detection with them (from one side), as well as limits in the space

next step in this stack-based programming puzzle: to be able to push/pull any rock!

rom size at 1238 bytes now

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