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my theme of the year: "simpleza"

i read it as play on words on "simplicity" and "easy laugh" :)

@exquisitecorp i just read your gemini clients review! out of curiosity: do you use the subscriptions feature in amfora?

this was a drastic change (it implied waking up almost an hour earlier), but today as a test it worked for me! and i could actually experience the civil dawn while starting to run :)

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i gladly accept recommendations of lightweight midi synthesizers in software!

i'm using qsynth that is "a fluidsynth qt gui interface" because that's what i easily found. but my computer finds it heavy and can't record the screen at the same time in a reliable way; i have to go to another computer for that πŸ˜…

lo-fi is okay! :audio:

i feel-think is a good option for my classes!
thanks @kensanata for the indirect recommendation!

organizing my schedule, as classes start next week...
i have been (almost) consistently waking up at "civil dawn", but it seems now i'd have to go earlier to "astronomical dawn" πŸ˜…

my plan for the "kitchen timer" now depends in me somehow getting/scraping a buzzer...

another slow and fun part was starting and publishing some documentation about it, for the moment available at "la cabaΓ±ita ii"

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i finally (and slowly) arrived to a "blinking LED" program in avr asm with an attiny85 :cooldog:

the program is like 10 lines of asm haha, the slow and fun part was reading and navigating through the datasheet and notes i had, and figuring out the toolchain

today was kombucha day!

whenever i see and manipulate the scoby, i feel/think:
*what* is "life"?

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