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compudanzas: human-powered explorations of emergent complexity

thank you merveilles! now i'm really back to the web and to the project of my dreams :tealheart:

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@neauoire some feedback i got from helping ipah with their sprite in nasu:

* the hex code for color 0 seems to be broken - you can change the color but can't see the code

* it might make sense to divide the hex view in its two halves - maybe just by separating them a little bit.
otherwise it's a bit messy to figure out (or explain) the relationship between that hex view and what comes out of the hexdump

in case some of you are wondering, i'm pausing the writing of the tutorial while its specification re-stabilizes πŸ˜…
exciting changes are coming! :tealheart:

TIL that there's such thing as "science and technology studies" (STS)

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i enjoyed reading the following paper from the LIMITS 2021 conference; very interesting reflections, insights and references on how CS education tends to be completely out of touch with physical reality and with its own history as a discipline.

i also liked the "duoethnography" approach for writing.

Materiality Matters in Computing Education: A Duoethnography of Two Digital Logic Educators
Eric J. Mayhew, Elizabeth Patitsas (McGill University)

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*uxn tutorial day 4: variables and animation loop* is now published!

here we discuss the animation loop of the computer, via its screen device vector, and we also talk about using the program memory as a space for data via "variables" in ! :tealheart:

i'd love to see what you create based on it!


i think i'm back at "stability" after one week of starting classes. time to continue the tutorial!

had a very nice run in the forest/park today in the morning :tealheart:

at some point i had problems turning on the camera, and eventually i ran out of battery, which i found strange. later on, when turning the phone/camera on again, and looking for the photos, i was greeted with hundreds of cyan squares!
i thought the memory had been corrupted or something (?) and that i had lost all previous images, as there didn't seem to be an end of the squares...

what happened was that the camera was taking photos from the inside of my small backpack, that is greenish πŸ˜…

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i find it always exciting to start a new semester of teaching :tealheart:

*day 3: conditional jumps and the keyboard/controller* is now ready for you to start adding interactivity to your uxntal programs for the computer!


today i join the set of people that needs 6 bits in order to represent their age in years :)

it's always open for suggestions and improvements :)

and if you are liking the series, consider joining others in supporting compudanzas!


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today i ran 0xf km and burned 0x40 kcal (1 kibikilocalories?)

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@exquisitecorp @chirrolafupa rendered to epub using my bookmobile program, displayed on my 10 year old nook simple touch e-ink reader

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