two-months-ago self surprised me by writing a makefile that i could run today! it even included reference links :tealheart:

unfortunately i underestimated them and i researched again for the references before realizing the file was there :sadlinux:

a highlight of today's improv session of movement + visuals with laboratorio de escena en red:

i did the visuals with ! (or ?)

i see people talk about "buying domains". isn't it more like "renting domains"?

i've been (literally) dreaming with my website. i'll definitely carve some time for building it :)

i'd like to create a "community" in matrix for my classes, in order to support the learning process without resorting to the discord experience™

is the homeserver you would recommend, or is there another with open registrations that you think-feel would be appropriate for this purpose?

next week i start teaching a new term.

and this might be the first time i achieve it: to have everything prepared before starting! 😅

i might as well do as @neauoire and say:

"sejo is a generalist"

(and then stop worrying about what/who am i (?))

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these are the answers i got:

🤖, art, authentic, code, collaborative, creative, dance (x3), dancer (x2), digital art, digital systems, discipline, family, focused, genius, hell smart, intelligent (x2), logic, mathematics (x2), mexico, noise, ny, nyc, poetry, programming, prudent, quiet, randomness, real, rollerskates, someone cool/conscious, teacher, vegan

(removed nicknames and names of schools)

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did a "poll" on ig, where most of the people that follow me there know me from different years: "what are three things that come to mind when you think of me?".

i was curious to see if there were some common threads in how people perceive me

i just applied again with POÑG haha

i don't believe too much in that grants system, but it's fun to think that my government would pay me for building that machine :)

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speaking of not being an artist (?)

there's a federal program of 1year grants for "young creators"

6 years ago (!) i applied with a "choreography" project called "el computador": a dance piece structured as von neuman architecture. i didn't get it.

last year i applied with a "new media" (?) project called "POÑG": digital and human-scale videogame with logic provided by human operators. it reached the last stage, but i didn't get it (you might remember i was sharing some things about it)...

i can identify those sensations arriving when i "officialy" became "an artist". how to "unbecome" one? :)

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it's almost a year since we deleted our websites after months of deliberation: we didn't want to play "the game", we abandoned the idea of making money from our artistic projects, etc

recently i've been feeling very inspired to share in the web again.

but i wonder how to accept / get rid of / overcome the feeling of "sharing-in-order-to-sell-myself", the pressure to link creations of a certain quality with my name, the need of having a portfolio just in case someone wants a commission...

today i cooked the now "classic" (for us at least) oatmeal pancakes!

made with oatmeal, [homemade] soy milk, cocoa, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, baking powder and salt; and accompanied with [homemade] peanut butter and banana.

tofu time!

yesterday i made tofu with a gifted press/mold, and today i prepared it "a la mexicana" for some breakfast tacos :tealheart:

yeah hydra meetup 5! :tealheart:
gracias @ojack @flordefuego por organizar y el ambiente!

and thx @exquisitecorp for letting me know about it in the first place!

@entreprecariat i was revisiting *the user condition* <>, and noticed that the "update date" is 12 february 2020. just letting you know, as i understand it "should" be 2021?

(i wouldn't be surprised if a year had passed already, but i see in other sources that it was out on 2021 :)

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