i guess it makes sense to have a gemini/gopher server with specific "hours of operation"?

unlearning the "always online" paradigm

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@chirrolafupa and we have so many "always-on" services already, like notifications for calls, texts, push notification services. we can coordinate and schedule other things using those. i also think most operations don't *actually* have low latency requirements, and coordination and scheduling can be used instead. and i also like availability windows. they tell me when my free time is. i'd prefer to make latency less critical, in exchange for making scheduling and coordination more critical.

@chirrolafupa bringing back "the server's up when the phone line isn't in use"

I would suggest spreading those hours over multiple timezones though :)

@chirrolafupa Remembering my childhood BBS... we were allowed to log on for 1 hour per day. I planned my 1 hour carefully before I actually clicked "Connect".

@chirrolafupa it really doesn't.

There's a thing called timezones you know?

@reto @chirrolafupa yeah

if it's a local resource for a specific location that's one thing, but any kind of "9 to 5 only" server would send a message of only being "for" people from the "right" part of the world

@chirrolafupa LowTechMagazine mentioned this point regarding their solar powered server.

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