tofu time!

yesterday i made tofu with a gifted press/mold, and today i prepared it "a la mexicana" for some breakfast tacos :tealheart:

@chirrolafupa Oh very nice! How did it turn out?
By the way, what do you use to convert your images?

@rostiger thanks! the tofu was very good by itself and also in the tacos! :)

i processed the photos with imagemagick, doing the cropping, resizing and dithering all in the same command, like:

convert original.jpg -crop 1152x1152+0+400 +repage -resize 320x320 -dither FloydSteinberg -remap colortable.gif converted.png

colortable.gif i took from:

@chirrolafupa Ah, that's how it works then! I once attempted dithering with imagemagick, but wasn't quite able to get a good result.
I'll add this to my bag of tricks, thanks!

@chirrolafupa Also, just in case you should need it for your website, I wrote a bash script using imagemagick to create image size variations for different screen resolutions:

@rostiger nice! thanks for the tip!

i see you are using the "only shrink larger images" flag (\>) for resizing - i'm curious why you also have the if statement that compares the current with the destination size

@chirrolafupa Hmm, looks like this was a leftover from an earlier version. I removed it and it still works the same way. Good find!

@rostiger no problem! sometimes i use the -colors switch instead of -remap, to let imagemagick choose the color set. e.g:

convert original.jpg -dither FloydSteinberg -colors 8 converted.png

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