hi fediverse, I just posted transcripts of a few talks and lectures I've given over the past few years, mostly concerning the connections between machine learning, language and poetry: posts.decontextualize.com

(notes and summaries in individual posts below)

"Desire (under)lines: Notes toward a queer phenomenology of spell check" asserts that spell check is a "straightening device" (following Sara Ahmed's use of that term) that attempts to curb spelling's material, expressive, and sensual qualities. Includes a fun proto-Indo-European etymology aside posts.decontextualize.com/quee

(originally prepared for the EACL 2021 Queer in AI Social)

whoops, typo in the URL. here's the correct one: posts.decontextualize.com/quee

(this is my favorite of the bunch fwiw)

@aparrish i loved it all! :tealheart:

i hadn't thought about the etymology of "correct", so interesting!

because of spanish (?) i was aware of the relationship of "derecho" (something straight) and "derecha" (right) - and also "recto" (straight, or non-corrupt (?)). interestingly, "derecho" also refers to "law" 🤔

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