16-bit divide by 10 is WORKING, and I'm updating the scoreboard in our NES game!

Here I am holding down the "B" button and running the score up.

Turns out that all those math calculations don't fit cleanly into a single frame render, so the screen flickers up and down while I crank that poor 6502 for everything it's got. 😂

I may have to split this up and update a digit per frame or something.

Working with limitations is fun! Really!

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@chotrin @aynish a bog standard thermal printer- say from epson… those are easier to work with, just rs232 serial connection, simple commands, and they basically accept printing plain ascii, or with a bit more effort, and slower, some raw bitmap graphics in some format or other.

the gameboy printer’s protocol has been reverse engineered, but it’s just a bit trickier and more proprietary- goes over the link cable, the protocol there is more akin to a ps/2 keyboard or mouse device.

Dream of palaces and countrysides
All I want, want, want
Is to wake up with the morning light
Laughing all along
Break away from all the city lights
Hiding in the dark
'Cause you don't belong
where you don't belong
Yeah, I don't belong

slenderbodies — “belong”


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A fox wrote for me this beautiful poem about symmetry, and I think about it from time to time.

This video is almost 10 years old and feels more real than ever.

The Decemberists — “This is Why We Fight.”


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"People who keep journals have life twice."

-- Jessamyn West

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Ok, so I’ve been playing through some of the Kunio-kun games on the NES. (That’s the series from River City Ransom.)

There’s a legit amazing ice hockey game called “Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip-and-Slide Madness“ in the series and I’m friggin’ in love. Makes me a little sad about my local team moving to Winnipeg, but it’s so fun! The controls are a little strange, but they did some pretty amazing things with a d-pad and two buttons.


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It occurs to me that I could do some tricksy stuff to skip over the >> 8 and >> 16 instructions and cut this way down. 😂

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Aha! Got it!

Here's the 6502 bitshift implementation of dividing a 16-bit number by 10. It's a long implementation, instruction wise, but should be speedy enough for updating a scoreboard within a frame rendering.

Intentionally omitted the for loops to speed up the execution.


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Agh I'm so close to being able to spit out a scoreboard -- yet no dice. Tomorrow is another day!

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Someone worked out how to divide by 10 with the clever use of bitshifts and additions and I’m a bit in awe.


I took the opportunity to meditate at lunch today. It’s been too long — I’d forgotten how much I needed that.

Today’s reminder from Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Dispossessed” that art is an act of resistance.

Ha! I just beat my first Ascension 20 run in Slay the Spire! \o/

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