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"Brew-Off!", the NES game my daughter and I worked on together for her science fair project, is now available!

Download the ROM, get the source code, or play it in your browser!

Big thanks to @neauoire for all of their help and encouragement to make this possible. 😊

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Accidentally designing web forms for the #NES 🤪

Would love to be a big company just to post job offers:

Searching senior Web UX designer. Mandatory skills: pixel art, assembly programming.

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I miss going to see shows, like, a lot. Hell, I even miss mosh pits.

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Do you ever feel like history is constantly being ret-conned somehow?

Because this Gameboy "WorkBoy" exists and is maybe the most Merveilles things I've seen.

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Trash Room, based on a real bathroom stall at a venue called The Earl in Atlanta, GA.

This is first drawing I made when I got a tablet with clip studio paint, right at the end of 2019 🥲 but now I mostly use procreate for digital work

#illustration #art #mastoart #drawing #digitalart

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I’m gonna try to take a break from the internet tomorrow. Today has been a lot.

First steps with Haiku OS:
(1) oh, this is really nice! this was *really* easy to install!
(2) awww, my external monitor doesn't work here.
(3) wow, lookit all the software that works here!
(4) oops, let me just spam my SSH public key on IRC because right click is paste on the terminal...

not too shabby, though! I dig it so far 😂

Finally got older daughter’s report card in — 97 in science woop woop 🙌

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musings on a meta pattern:

attention ≈ energy

In other words; direct your attention like you would your energy, towards what you value, or what you need to work on, etc. Observation is not benign.

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Here is some crossplay between a NES and a PC

It is exciting to see it coming to life! If porting modern games concepts to a 8bits CPU and 2 KB of RAM is not an easy task, it is a very rewarding one!

(If you don't know it already: it is an online smash-like, for the NES)

#nesdev #gamedev

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Start a gaming club, walk with comrades, start trying to unionise your workplace, start a co-op. Play football. Paint a picture. Make some beats. Educate yourselves on your history. Learn to cry. Educate those younger than yourself. Ride a bike. Support others in the struggle. Learn to fight. Know your enemy. Tell your friends that you love them. Help someone who is in crisis. Smile at other's in the street. Help someone with their tech woes or maybe just stay in bed and rest.

But whatever you do, do it together. Build infrastructure. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe in a better world. Focus on what you can change.

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Conway's Game of Life 

Love this photo of John Conway in his office surrounded by books, highly messy desk, stick-and-blob models, geometric mobiles. What a great smile.

Photo comes from the New York Times article "The Lasting Lessons of John Conway's Game of Life"

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I love that retroUSB made an FPGA version of the NES hardware to run on HDTVs. My younger daughter and I totally just played my O.G. Battletoads cart from when I was a kid and had a blast. 😊🐸

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self-discovery: I've found that sharing plans to do things is often antithetical to actually doing those things.

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