Someone worked out how to divide by 10 with the clever use of bitshifts and additions and I’m a bit in awe.

I took the opportunity to meditate at lunch today. It’s been too long — I’d forgotten how much I needed that.

Today’s reminder from Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Dispossessed” that art is an act of resistance.

Ha! I just beat my first Ascension 20 run in Slay the Spire! \o/

Ah, beans. I’m gonna need a proper 16bit by 16bit division for updating the NES game’s score on the screen. Back at it tomorrow! 😂

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River City Ransom is so GOOD, wow. Playing it while developing on the NES really makes me appreciate the artistry put into the game. The artwork has a real style to it and the game mechanics are an absolute treat.

Tangentially, I’d really like to focus on making games that are this fun without the beat-em-up violence!

Y'all. Y'ALL.

I got the scoreboard clock working. \o/

The little wizard is pretty happy about it.

Today's work on the scoreboard involved adding math subroutines and figuring out how to change the background tiles.

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I *really* enjoy developing stuff on Plan 9. It’s a bit like writing in a journal. Sure, I’d probably be faster doing this on another OS, but the focus Plan 9 affords is top notch.


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My neighbor asked me to look at his 10 year old computer that’s running slow. Ordinarily I’d be happy to oblige, but I’m booked up until this science fair project is done.

Proud to say that I actually told him that. It’s hard for me to do that, but sometimes you’ve gotta hold space for yourself. :)

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I think I need to wear a helmet on the stationary bike 😂

Started mocking up the scoreboard in our NES game. Learned a few things about in the process. Namely, there's a programmer's calculator, `pc`! Beats using Perl to evaluate hexadecimal conversions.

Next up is actually populating the data and running down the timer! :D

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I'm not used to labels on the keys, did I get them all in the right spots?

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You have as much right to be you as everyone else has to be whoever they are.

Don't make yourself smaller for other people's convenience. You deserve better than that.

Today’s been really good! Got a thing working at work, which is always a good way to close out a Friday.

C’s cousin is coming for hangs tonight which should be fun. Last night I got to hang with my friend J for walkin’ and talkin’ at the park. It’s really nice catching up with folks!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get crackin’ on NESdev in earnest since I won’t have work kicking around the ol’ noggin. I LOVE Saturdays like that. 😊

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love pretending like intellectual property law has intellectually sound foundations and is reasonable/sane just to absolutely freak out whenever it actually gets applied and it becomes readily apparent how absurd it us
one of my most formative recent political experiences was researching some property law for a presentation on subjective ontology of land use and finding that it's an incomprehensible mess of edge cases/exceptions
ah yes, the natural state of human society
graeber please come back

I had to leave the house of conformity
In order to make art
I had to be more or less true
To learn to tell the two apart
I had to leave the house of self-importance
To doodle my first tattoo
Realize a tattoo is no more permanent
Than I am

And who ever said that life is suffering
I think they had their finger on the pulse of joy
Ain't the power of transcendence
The greatest one we can employ?

Ani DiFranco — “Shroud”

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