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Hello everyone (again)!

I'm ciara. Um, I was neci before, but since I'm happy here and became more comfortable, I decided to just use my name.

I struggled with this for a while, because I'm afraid of social media and my interests vary quite a bit, so I wasn't sure if I should combine them all. But, I am what I am.

Anyway, here's edma. Made with Krita (still working on the brush, though). Finally divorced Photoshop!

Chinese/Japanese Word of the Day: 同情 (sympathy)

Japanese Word of the Day: 希望 (hope)

Chinese Word of the Day: 放松 (relax)

Chinese word of the day today: 治疗师 (therapist)

Chinese word of the day today: 动态图形 (motion graphics)

Now that I've finally decided to be done Adobe Creative Cloud, I'm going to try Apple's Motion for 2D motion graphics.

Greetings! Got in a workout this morning so I'm in a great mood.

Mandarin today. Word of the day is: 健身房 (gym).

I'm going to redo fuuma's animation with the newest version of my customized Pastel Pencil Medium in Krita, import a large scale MagicaVoxel model into Blender, and read a book on Chinese grammar.

Definitely one of my top three characters. I make so many of them because I really don’t know which ones I’ll keep, but I love them all.

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I’ve flipped through the book several times because I’m so excited about what’s to come. It has these giant thick pages, so I’m not worried about tearing it up. (Still being gentle though.)

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