Handwriting to fill out inputs on the iPad is interesting. Not 100% natural, but works better than I expected.

"Now" pages are great. Cool to see more people adopting them.

I write more consistently in my stream of consciousness journaling style. I don't make time for writing blog posts regularly enough. But I am working on trying to keep the muscle active and ready for when I do want to write. Having reminders that you don't necessarily need to be unique or super special in every single post is nice. You can do separate feeds or categories for those more special posts. Allowing yourself to just write and share simple stuff is also good.

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I knew that name was familiar! 😅 @amorphous this showed up on my twitter feed today.

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glitchy/flashy image 

hm.... nope that wasn't it.

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Think I got scaling working a bit better. Now to debug this issue with the aseprite header.

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Still haven't quite figured out what I need to do to scale cleanly.

Not scaling the image seemed to help, but I still want to be able to scale small images up more.

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I seem to be getting edge bleeding and blurring? Using GL_NEAREST, and no idea why the border bleeds like this. OpenGL/C++.

Bleeding happens even with no scaling of the texture. 🤔

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Anyone have good experiences with formatters in C++? I'm using clangformat with clion. Doesn't seem to work as well as gofmt in golang :\

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I haven't done C++ since college. And it was years before that when I last poked at OpenGL.

If dependencies/builds had less friction, I would use it more. Though once you get it going it's good.

starting down the C++ game dev hole. Don't have anything to make in mind right now, but going to try and learn something new.

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