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@flame any suggested way on sharing with tape?

Seriously though, if you have good references for learning shaders (particularly with unity) let me know :)

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Welcome to the voidlands. We have a newbie shader maker here.

Any suggestions for local audio players for mac?

Started learning shaders (in unity) again. This video got me further than most introductions I've read that made my mind numb and my eyes glaze over in the past.

@neauoire lol did you get the account back only to say you're not going to use it again?

I should really start looking into what CSS super powers I've been missing out on because I feared about lack of compatibility. Seems clamp is pretty well supported. I'm sure tons of other features have caught up as well.

also, +1 rss feed

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@gueorgui just read Returnees on your site. I've been a fan of Hengtee. Didn't know you knew him! love the pictures as well.

Using for my RSS feeds. it's not a reader, but can help me keep track of

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I subscribe to every RSS feed in the webring, it's an excellent way to stay updated with people who's work I love outside of social networks.

It's the first thing I check in the morning. Find yourself some new feeds to watch, and let's keep RSS alive :)

I have too many projects going on right now, but I think a lot about a noodle based oekaki board.

have a rambling blog post in the works and going to be switching from an "about" page to a "now" page... though it'll technically be my about page with a now section stapled to it.

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