Snowed in Tokyo today. Enjoying the last remaining days of the sakura.

So, who else is getting animal crossing? :]

75k words journal'd. Such a fun number to watch. Day by day getting a little bigger then suddenly you're surpassing the length of novels. All done one day at a time.

Think I might pick up gouache painting at some point...

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Made a goal to finish my sketchbook. Going for pencil mileage and hope eventually my drawings will be less potato than before.

Was curious to see if I wanted to try jumping into 'modern' C++.

"Check out these cool new features! It'll make things so nice and easy!"
*really gross syntax*

hmmmmm nope

Started writing a sort of journal more since December. Hit my first 30 day streak today. Getting into the flow of doing it everyday. :D

Maybe we shouldn't do such huge projects like creating a programming language or linux distro. I say as I look at my mini mmorpg code.

can slice off about 50% of my image sizes with ImageOptim using lossy 85% quality. Think it's worth it. I'll have to make some tweaks, because some images are getting crushed even further from hugo. Looks like my pages are about ~200-500kbs with multiple images.

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