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i like this
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* We value personal content (blog entries, essays, web experiments).
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Another day another website design tweak while listening to christmas music.

Writing exercise:
100 journeys - You write one outline a day of a story in the format of hero's journey (or a similar "story circle" format)

Messing up my goal by working on a project that I told myself I'd put on hold. But it's nice to see data put together and some progress made. It's nice busy work that's distracting for a rather stressful week.

And here's code your great grandfather wrote. But it only runs with node 18, so good luck getting that running.

Thank goodness the new apartment is near a big park open park. Got some much needed fresh air today.

I spent some time just breathing in the smell of trees and grass. Insane how much I've missed that. I've been inside so much this year.

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i really like javascript and the web. I like being able to make little interactive multimedia programs, and set them up so the only thing i need to do to show someone else is send them a link, and it’s running on their computer instantaneously. I don’t think the alternative platforms offer a nicer experience.

but i understand that a lot of people really don’t like the enabling of surveilance and overly heavy frameworks. i wish there were a browser that enabled the former but not thenlatter.

been writing an interpreter in go by going through this book

Been a fun experience so far. I haven't gone over these concepts since college. and even then they weren't that well understood.

Might be interesting to write a toy query language for a toy db after this.

learning rust + wasm because I can't think of any reason to use rust for my other projects.

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We found a local roaster for coffee near the new apartment. ☕

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“Randomly generated UUIDs have 122 random bits. One's annual risk of being hit by a meteorite is estimated to be one chance in 17 billion, that means the probability is about 0.00000000006 (6 × 10−11), equivalent to the odds of creating a few tens of trillions of UUIDs in a year and having one duplicate.”

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