Been going through my various SNS accounts and trying to remove as much data as I can off of it. Of course I’m not truly deleting anything. But it’s better than nothing if I’m trying to escape the internet. I have mixed feelings because living in a foreign country it’s nice to have a few ways to easily connect with friends/family back home.

It's still wild to me that someone other than my mom has read anything I've written on my website.

really hoping for crypto to crash so I can buy a graphics card and make more stupid stuff in blender.

Is doing retopology really as tedious as it seems?

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anyone got good recommendations/reading/suggestions for going from 'ok' with (n)vim to 'pretty good' at it? a portion of it seems to be mileage, but are there any notable tricks that helped you reduce "flow breaks".

Worthikids is making some cool stuff

(this is in blender?!)

I haven't had a desktop computer in over 5 years. I haven't missed it until I started playing with blender again.

Updated my website. Removed some colors. I need to do more writing.

I haven't taken pictures in forever. I struggled with my settings and editing.

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