Example sentence and furigana implemented....

Now to come up with a LOT of example sentences.

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On the topic of Hometown vs Original Flavor Mastodon, I was looking around for a native client for desktop, but I'm worried about compatibility if we're going to be switching.

Done for now. tried a little bit of experimenting with turbolinks, but didn't seem like it works better than just plain old static pages. swup might be interesting to do for transitions. That just feels fun to me.

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Experimenting with moving from fraidy cat to reeder.app for my RSS feeds. It's quite polished, but it's a little tedious to organize all my imported feeds.

What's your favorite RSS feed?

Been more active on getting off the computer after work. I have such a strong ritual of just browsing or working on a side project on the computer after work. Want to get better at that. Build up a flow of doing something else.

Slowly making progress on the redesign when I can muster the mental energy. I was pretty happy with the results until I noticed Chrome isn't sizing things the same as FF/Safari. 😩

So far the design is more iterative rather than some radical change.

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Huge earthquake in Japan last night. Biggest I've felt since moving here. Was so long.


Got it. Y'all don't like how most frontend web development is. Do something else, or stop complaining.

Person I used to work with open sourced this project. "multiplayer browser daw" github.com/AdenFlorian/corgi.f

I've been working on this project off and on for a few years. I'm trimming the scope down immensely to just get something done. Still a lot more work to do, but this was a fun point to get to.

Enjoy the potato gif.

I've worked on so many corporate web projects with a captive audiences. It's nice to be able to focus on performance for the sake of making good stuff.

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Setup a deployment pipeline for a hobby project for the first time. I've done it for work several times, but it's fun to actually get something together on my own. Now to work on more features.

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queens gambit spoiler 

Queens gambit was a masterclass hero's journey story. They did a wonderful job. Part of the magic I felt was making sure you had the question in the back of your mind of if it really was a hero's journey story. They provided a lot of possibilities of things that could go wrong so that there was so much tension all the way to the end.

some fontworks fonts added an OFL license. github.com/fontworks-fonts including some fun ones like one that is very similar to the wind waker font. and some japanese supporting pixelly fonts.

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