Now cli has this nice little Now font icon that they display in their cli app. Can anyone give me a bit of help on how to make one of these with the webring logo?

What started out as a simple bash script for the hallway cascaded into an entire cli app for the xxiivv webring which mimics all of the behavior in the webring. It's available as an npm package as well!

When I first started chronica I wanted it to be an entire ecosystem of writing, wiki, and works. Up until now it's just been my wiki, but I've finally gotten around to getting words up as well. The site build is very simple. I just use a bash script and pandoc to generate html from md.

The collective output of writing, tools, music, and other creations of Merveilles is remarkable. I get so inspired when I scroll through our feed. I love this place.

Finally took the time and got a copy of my wiki up with dat.


I feel like I've hit a pattern in the last couple months that I really enjoy: around a week of exploring/research/studying followed by a week of almost all coding, finished with a couple day break. I've found that this has been keeping me motivated, interested in what I'm working on and proficient.

@teknari hey! Just in case you didn't know it looks like your ssl certificate on your site is expired!

The merveilles team name is already taken on Keybase. Bummer.... unless someone on here secretly already claimed it?! Anyone?!

Spent the weekend getting nextcloud set up with a wasabi bucket. Part of my process to fully move away from google.

Anyone out there have recommendations for a VPN? Company/service you've used and like?

I'm continually amazed at the amount of things you can do with jq, and how often I end up using it in scripts.

Playing around with a hallway bash script with autocompletions because I'm only using my twtxt file for the hallway anyways, and I've wanted to learn more about autocompletions.

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This is atrocious/awesome:

A true web design lesson, in a way.

For everyone on here that's part of the, add in your rss feed if you have one! You can see a collection of them all here . Still working out some of the kinks, so let me know if something isn't working right.

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Hey all! I just launched a Patreon page for the Merveilles instance. I'm hoping to get enough funds to keep the instance going on its own, if possible. Feel free to become a patron if you like, any contribution you can make is much appreciated!

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