Shift + / opens up a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for mastodon.

@gudenau Firefox seems a bit more finicky. You need to hold shift and then click / while still holding it. If you click shift and then click / you'll get the quick find.


Data is also available from the "Hotkeys" link in the link cluster at the bottom of the Getting started column


nor did I, until I got halfway through venting and thought "wait, I should definitely fact-check myself before I post this complaint"

it's definitely not advertised

@packbat haha it's totally not. Embarrassingly, I almost did the same thing, and finally found reference to them in a merged pull request.

@ckipp but now I know why, when I forget to click in the search field in the emoji, it'll sometimes end up in the search field above the textbox!

@ckipp It must be layout-dependent: I already noticed that ? opens the keyboard shortcuts. I found it by trying, since that is the usual help shortcut. Shift + / is simply / for me and that opens up the browser search. What does ? do for you?

@ckipp This is only true for US/UK keyboard layout. Everyone else just types '?'.

@anathem Hey! It's actually the same. I just said it confusingly. Shift + / is just '?'.

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