Anyone have a good recommendation for a ebook reader on linux? They all seemingly have a terrible ui.

@ckipp depending on what you want, I find that gnome's evince has a great UI

@ckipp I use calibre. It's ugly by default but customisable to an extent

@ckipp There's also this. I like the idea but they lost me at Bootstrap lol. But I suppose you could fork it and modify it to your liking

@ckipp Calibre? You can configure the look for it... there must be something else but I don't use them much. Maybe GNOME Evince can do? It works nice but I'm unsure about positions

@charlag @ckipp Evince doesn't support epubs or other common Ebook formats. GNOME Books is decent.

@ckipp The "best" lighter-weight one I've found is FBReader. It has a weird toolbar user interface that I don't like, but at least you can customize how everything looks--fonts, colors, margins, line spacing.

Then there's Calibre (which besides a reader is a full-fledged ebook creator, translator between formats, and book library)

A newer one that I haven't tried is Bookworm, made for ElementaryOS but available for others.

If you find anything better, please let us know!

@leadore Will do! I've been using FBReader, and I pretty much have the same feeling as you. I hate the top bar, but enjoy being able to pretty much customize everything else.

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