I believe I remember seeing that some Merveillians are in Lille? My wife and I are swinging through tonight and tomorrow. Any must see places or favorite little food/drink spots?

@ckipp you can take a look at "gare Saint sauveur", you can eat (at noon, the chef is great !), drink good beers and watch some art in the gallery next to it (content will vary).

@ckipp also, there is often some music/concert going on the evening (varying styles and quality)

@0gust1 this looks great! Thank you! Sadly it looks like it’s closed today and tomorrow.

@ckipp I've a lot of sympathy for "The Mouss Touch" :)

"19 Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas, 59000 Lille"

@xvw ooo this looks nice. I may end up there tonight!

@xvw We had a really nice time! We ended up not making it to Mouss Touch but had pizza at Papà Raffaele and then drinks at La Capsule.

@ckipp Wow ! You had a table at Papa Rafael's (you were lucky, it is always full)! I love La Capsule too, but I find that when there are people, it's a bit stuffy. But their choice of beers is impressive, even for the Belgian I am!

@xvw Ha we had to wait around an hour for a table at Papa Rafael's, but we were fine just walking around exploring. It was the beer selection that drew me to La Capsule. Ironically, there was only a handful of people there when we were there and it was almost too quiet. We had a great time though!

@ckipp Next time, we should have a chat. I don't speak very good English, but I can "be understandable" and "understand other people", and I can speak Dutsh "fluently" :) (and I "like" Scala :P)
Yesterday, I was in Paris :|

@xvw That would be great! If I find myself in Lille again I'll let you know! Or if you venture North are are around Den Haag, ping me!

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