@ckipp I'm very happy about this, looking forward to how this evolves!
For people not watching the video - Entropic, a federated package manager github.com/entropic-dev/entrop

@electret @ckipp Not a fan of 'ds' as a CLI command name (the same way I'm not a fan of 'hg' for Mercurial), but the project is a ray of sunshine, I really hope this takes off!

I've been following Kat Marchán for a while, and it's great to see that the tink API is going to be used here too!

@gaeel @ckipp yeah `ds` is a very convoluted choice :D but at worst that's what aliases are for :D

@electret True, true...
I just feel like sometimes we nerds can't seem to help ourselves and want to be super nerdy, without stopping to think what impact it might have on someone who's going to have to learn how to use all this some day

@gaeel that's a good point. entropic by default, aliases for power users would be a better pattern

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