Started a couple new apps lately that use both choo and parcel. I'm really enjoying the pairing.

I made a skeleton template to quickly get up and running if anyone is curious to try them out.

@ckipp very nice! the problem with parcel is that you don't have all those brilliant transforms like for browserify :/

@kodedninja maybe a silly question, but which transforms specifically? Are you referring to the things listed under bankai?

@kodedninja actually, I'm assuming you mean all of these

I guess apart from some of the minifying, I don't/haven't really found the use cases for many of the transforms (since many are framework or library specific). Parcel to me seems to do 95% of the things I want want for both development and my production build without barely any set up and it's much faster.

@ckipp I think this one is a very important one:
i agree, i like the idea of parcel and i would like to use it, but i like the simplicity and power of browserify more (i guess). :D

@kodedninja I definitely need to read/play around with a lot more of this stuff, ha. But I get why that would be important to have. I think some of my confusion also comes from that being under static optimizations... but it's still producing a js file? So maybe it's just a semantics thing, but that doesn't seem like a "static" optimization seeing that you're still in JS land.

@ckipp it's static, because it replaces the html`` with its underlying function (document.createElement) already at compile time, instead of when it is run in the browser.

@kodedninja sure, but doesn't static imply that's it's html already rather than the (document.createElement)?

I guess I view the html`` to document.createElement as a JS optimization, not a static optimization. Again, I'm just reading to much into the naming. :)

@ckipp they call it static optimization because the outputted JS has the static value, not the dynamic :D

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