Added a password to keep it restricted to merveilles folks. Sort of just wanted to create a channel since I've never done it before. Shoot me a PM if you want the password to join. It would be fun to occasionally jump on and chat with folks.

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@cblgh how does one "make it dead"? I haven't registered the channel or anything, so I'm a bit unsure how to kill it. I sort of thought it'd automatically die since it wasn't registered.

@ckipp haha i mean that it still exists, but in an undead "happy void day" fashion

you cannot make it dead

@ckipp (and by 'this' i mean the original invocation of merveilles, sorry it's suuper early here)

@cblgh haha no worries at all. I just rolled of bed as well.

@ckipp HAHAHA omg I remember when I first joined Merveilles when it was still in, this is aaaalmost full circle for me

@raelzero @ckipp Oh gosh I think we switched from IRC to Slack for IM about 4-5 years ago! I'm not sure how long the channel on IRC was there though.

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