Starts porting more notes over to ndtl....

Thinks about how nice auto-formatting and syntax highlighting would be....

Stops porting notes and starts learning how to make a vim plugin...

@ckipp huh, if you have a syntax highlight for ndtl for vim, I'll take it.

@neauoire Just need to finish up differentiating the different list levels, then it should be ready (with room for improvement).

@ckipp ahh it's Indental. I thought it was a new note-taking system

@aadil nope! Like half way through I realized I was using ndtl as the name rather than indental, so I switched everything over to avoid confusion.

Hmmm I might create Kakoune plugin for both file formats

@TeddyDD I'm assuming you use Kakoune as your main editor? How do you like it? Were you a vimmer before?

I do. I used Spacemacs before. I never managed to get Vim configured :)

I love the simplicity and editing model. I also like the fact that it does not have built-in scripting language. It's not very popular tho so depending on needs sometimes you have to write plugins yourself lol

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