If you're at all into Scala, take a look at Metals (A language server for Scala). I've had the privilege to work on it lately, and I love the idea behind the language server protocol ( It's also been cool to work on something I didn't think I had the skills understand.

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@ckipp I use it extensively at work every day. Scala + Metals is a blessing.

@madewithtea that's great to hear! What editor are you using it with?

@ckipp VS code, works great. I don't know how I ended up here, was always happy with VIM before.

@madewithtea glad to hear it's working great for you. The next release we are planning will be the 1.0 release, and there will be some awesome features. Are you using one of the newer snapshots? If so, have you been using the new rename symbol or worksheets at all?

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