I haven't been around much. Hey everyone.

Unpopular opinion, GitHub has improved so much over the last 6 months, and I think the collaboration you can get on there is unmatched. Everything else feels like 10 steps backwards.

I'm sort of surprised how strongly the actions of a few ripple through the entire town.

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@ckipp I agree with you. I personally think that Microsoft has actually really developed GitHub since their acquisition. The way they do PRs etc is excellent and miles ahead of GitLab et al in my opinion. However, I really like the fact that there are different options available (so not all my eggs in one big basket), and since @sir launched Sourcehut it has come a very long way. I prefer it from an ethical standpoint as well

@tomupom I agree with all of that. From an ethical standpoint, without a doubt far superior. No account needed, only ssh, far superior.
But let's not pretend that it's a perfect fit for every project, and ignore that the code collaboration tools for reviewing and collaborating that GitHub have pushed forward are unmatched. I get that part of that may be preference though.

@tomupom @ckipp
What changed about PRs since the acquisition?

(I'm curious, maybe I just don't remember very well when that happened)

@s_ol @tomupom probably more than this, but a couple things that I can name off the top of my head are multi-line selections for "suggestions", the ability to convert prs to draft prs. These aren't necessarily game changes, but just nice things on top of all the other review features.

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