Implemented the ability to determine a users language preferences and also filtering by site language in the webring.

Originally had planned to work today and cross a bunch of things off my list, but spending the afternoon at the beach ended up being a much welcomed rest.

After a long stretch of primarily programming, the past two weeks have been full of research and exploring. I've gotten tons of new ideas and feel really refreshed. I've fond this pattern to give me a much higher output and keeps me from burning out.

(dark green is code, light green in research, and red is explore)

wtf is this... now we have advertisements in npm packages?

I've been drawing a lot of inspiration lately from geometric shapes and vivid colors.

Ilya Chashnik — Cosmos — Red Circle on Black Surface (1925)

Last week I came home from work to this piece my wife made and hung in our living room for our anniversary. It makes me smile every morning when I get and do my routine before I head to work.

Working on time tracking visualizations today. This one was screwed up, but I ended up really liking it.

And with the correct style, and pointer so you can see what's actually going on.

Hopefully finishing this up today. Made a ton of changes to the wiki allowing for better displays of lists, easier navigation to related categories, more semantic html, and less code.

Released a new version of the webring-cli this morning with the wiki viewer implemented. Would love feedback on the project if you've used it at all!

Working on taking @jrc03c's compendium and making it the wiki viewer in the webring-cli.

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