For anyone that uses Keybase and is interested, I was able to get listed under the "Add more identities" when you're in the Keybase client. Just click the button in the image, and search for

Taking a break this week, hiking around with my wife, and enjoying the views. Currently in Nice. Today we rent a car to drive further south along the coast with barely any plans.I always over plan holidays, but this one we basically just planned where we were staying, and that's it.

After hours of trying to figure out why my lsc with vim wasn't working right... are you kidding me. Javascripty?

This week I wanted to give a new terminal emulator a try. I think I'm pretty sold on moving from Termite to st.

Trying to get better at actually posting WIP things rather than end results. A long ways to go yet, but 귤 (gyul) is my attempt at a micro wiki framework which my site will use. It's also tied into my timetracker. Every entry will be accompanied by the info for that project, the stats which will be data visualization, logs, and tags of other projects which relate to it. Lots of cleanup, styling, and data visualization yet to go.

Working on diagrams to show the flow of data in all my small projects.

Over the weekend on the train I was able to rewrite waka-fetch in JavaScript. This morning I finally finished it up. It's a small serverless utility that grabs and stores my daily waka-time summaries in order to feed them into waka-machine which is a machine learning project that lets me know based on a day of the week which programming language I'll probably be using and a few other small things.


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