@cblgh indeed. Functionality is done. Now on to styling!

Merveilles Meta, a thank-you 

@kodedninja ha, indeed. The only thing that could make it better is a light mist outside.

mh positive-ish 

Added in better error handling and some tests.


Next up is to allow the user to gather all the rss feeds in the webring, create a local temporary html file out of those feeds, and open it in the browser for them to view. This way anyone is able to read the feeds of the webring without the need of an rss reader locally or online.

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@xvw that’s good to know. Scala has been my first dive into the functional world and I’ve found that it’s really changed the way I code in general. I’m slowly taking in and trying to understand more of the “pure functional” thinking and category theory behind some of this stuff.

@xvw haha it’s no problem. I enjoy it. And sooner or later you’ll see me picking your brain about OCaml

@xvw I need to spend some time and play around with this. Both the subtype polymorphism and the OCaml you keep mentioning ;)

Today I yearned for a Either type in JS. I'm getting too used to Scala.

@neauoire @cblgh @stephen I'm not seeing the errors on their feeds, unless you are referring to not being able to see their stuff locally, which is just due to cors since they have it limited to the live webring url.

@ragekit I believe @xvw has worked with Elm. His file explorer app is written in Elm. Maybe he can share his thoughts? I'm curious as well haha

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@ragekit yea I’ll change that so if someone isn’t running X there will be a better message then there currently is if random fails. Thanks for the heads up on this!

@aral missed this but is there a way to still view it?

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