We had a huge Metals release yesterday. Tons of new features added and a lot of small improvements. I'm super proud of this project and feel really privileged to be a part of it.


@madewithtea of course! Let me know if you run into any issues! This release was a long time coming!

Still been hacking a ton on github.com/ckipp01/coc-metals. New features include an embedded Doctor, supporting more LSP client commands, and better statusline integration.

@gueorgui I was a huge advocate of sticking to posix compliant shells prior to trying out fish. Now, I can't imagine not using it. I love how everything just works pretty much out of the box. Way smarter completions, great highlighting, etc.

I wouldn't worry about it being less portable, your `sh` or `bash` scripts will still work fine as long as they have the correct shebang. Fish changed the way I think about shells. Their design page about their philosophy is great if you haven't read it.

@gueorgui ahh interesting. I've never seen this before. Thanks!

@gueorgui haha same, I'm glad for the boosts, but have been waiting for some replies haha. Thanks for sharing!

So happy to be on break for the next couple weeks. Some much needed rest, time to work on personal projects, and time think about what I'd like to focus on in this upcoming year.

What are some of your favorite open source projects that you think have a spectacular readme?

The law of user focus

When designing a program, one should first think about how to make an intuitive and powerful program. Implementation issues should only be considered once a user interface has been designed.


Been working hard on getting this out the door. This will automate the Metals installation and offer a bunch of helpers for vim users.


It's been a while since I've been able to work on my time tracker. I've wanted to port it over to Scala for a while now, and tonight I was able to finish up the last couple commands and add my first entry with it from the Scala version.

I store my logs in Mongo with this format btw.

@aadil @tomupom @neauoire hey! if you have something that you created that generates this from your notes app, I think there is no problem with including it. We have similar blog-like sites that are similar.

Merveilles.town Financials, November 2019 

Today I used xxd, which I never knew existed. I wonder how many command line utilities must exist that I don't know about and will probably never use.

@madewithtea glad to hear it's working great for you. The next release we are planning will be the 1.0 release, and there will be some awesome features. Are you using one of the newer snapshots? If so, have you been using the new rename symbol or worksheets at all?

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