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Clocking in at around 30 billion samples now
There will always be noise (random sampling 🤷​), but we're getting to a smoothness that feels appropriate for printing
I'm looking into de-noising techniques, but mostly I'm just letting it keep cooking, hoping it'll smooth out enough for my tastes
(Right click view image to view full resolution)

@kodedninja This is super neat. I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I'm assuming no, but do you know if this is open-sourced?

@dym ahh I see. Well the "el" is also used for the `navigator.languages` which looks to see what a users preferred languages are. So if I'd switch it to "gr" I'd have to make a mapping then, and I'd rather not.

@dym Thanks! I also had to guess at that one, but on their site they actually use "el" in the url when it's in Greek mode, and it _seems_ that seems to be standard for modern Greek.

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I'm moving to Greece in a few months so I'm going to try and ultralearn Greek. As a first step I've created a little tool to help me learn the alphabet. Meet Foni:

Also released a new version of the webring-cli tonight that finally fixes a few bugs with mixed list and key - value entries in the wiki viewer, some small rss reader issues, and other small cleanups.

@neauoire sounds good! When I first approached it I was way over-complicating/thinking things, and then I ended up going with a very simple solution that worked great.

@darius add another to the list that enjoy them. I've really enjoyed them!

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Saturn is so beautiful that astronomers cannot resist using @NASAHubble to take yearly snapshots when it's at its closest distance to Earth. But these images are more than just beauty shots: they reveal exquisite details of the ring system & atmosphere: 

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Implemented the ability to determine a users language preferences and also filtering by site language in the webring.

@dym as for a limit, I'd say there is none. As for pagination, I think if it gets to the point of 300 and it's obnoxious to scroll through them all on mobile, then sure, we can do pagination.

Relentless Suspicion:
"Question the necessity of each instruction in a time-critical piece of code and each field in a space-critical data structure."

So many gems in this article

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I just found the xxiivv webring wiki here -

Amazing, there are so many interesting things in there I want to look at!


No idea if this is even close to what you're looking for, but I've slowly been moving all my flat-file type stuff over to TOML. It's easy to edit by hand, human readable, and very easily put into JSON for any querying needs.

Bonus: If you happen to be using Parcel to bundle anything, it handles TOML files by default, which is awesome.

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