Any open source RSS reader recommendations for mac?

@dualhammers very well said. Something to think about. Thanks.

I think I'm dealing with burn out for the first time ever. For the last few weeks I've had about 0 desire to code or work on anything.

63,472 minutes logged since I've starting tracking my time in the beginning of 2018. It's crazy to look back at all this time.

@s_ol @tomupom probably more than this, but a couple things that I can name off the top of my head are multi-line selections for "suggestions", the ability to convert prs to draft prs. These aren't necessarily game changes, but just nice things on top of all the other review features.

@tomupom I agree with all of that. From an ethical standpoint, without a doubt far superior. No account needed, only ssh, far superior.
But let's not pretend that it's a perfect fit for every project, and ignore that the code collaboration tools for reviewing and collaborating that GitHub have pushed forward are unmatched. I get that part of that may be preference though.

In other news, I've still been working a ton on Metals, and doing what I can to improve the Vim experience for Metals users. I recently started a guide and plugin to use Metals with the built-in LSP support of Nvim nightly.

I haven't been around much. Hey everyone.

Unpopular opinion, GitHub has improved so much over the last 6 months, and I think the collaboration you can get on there is unmatched. Everything else feels like 10 steps backwards.

I'm sort of surprised how strongly the actions of a few ripple through the entire town.

If you want usage statistics on a site, but you refuse to use Google Analytics, what do you use?

I've been pretty quiet / busy lately, but I've been finding bits of time here and there to slowly redo my wiki. I've had my previous one for over a year. It's much simpler than my current site, doesn't contain any JS, and I'm finding myself much more satisfied with it. It's generated with a mixture of Markdown and a couple scripts written in Scala. Excited to get this finished soon.

We had a huge Metals release yesterday. Tons of new features added and a lot of small improvements. I'm super proud of this project and feel really privileged to be a part of it.

@madewithtea of course! Let me know if you run into any issues! This release was a long time coming!

Still been hacking a ton on New features include an embedded Doctor, supporting more LSP client commands, and better statusline integration.

@gueorgui I was a huge advocate of sticking to posix compliant shells prior to trying out fish. Now, I can't imagine not using it. I love how everything just works pretty much out of the box. Way smarter completions, great highlighting, etc.

I wouldn't worry about it being less portable, your `sh` or `bash` scripts will still work fine as long as they have the correct shebang. Fish changed the way I think about shells. Their design page about their philosophy is great if you haven't read it.

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