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This week I wanted to give a new terminal emulator a try. I think I'm pretty sold on moving from Termite to st.

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Today I was asked at work today why I have an obsession with minimal libraries. I was actually caught pretty off guard by the question, since it was our CTO asking. I tried my best to explain how I believe some of the modern development trends are obtuse and unnecessary and then continued to make a case why minimal libraries often end up with cleaner, less error prone, and easier to maintain code bases. I didn't really get a response, but I can't stop thinking about the interaction.

While I still have a lot to work on, I'm super happy with how my wiki turned out. It's tied directly into my ándaga time tracking system and it's built with 귤, my small wiki engine. I learned tons in this process and can't wait to continually improve and add stuff to it.

Came across this on reddit today. This is insane.

@rutherford after the variable font chat, I found this, and now I can't stop playing around with it.

Just submitted my first conference talk proposal. Function-As-a-Service? Demystifying serverless deployments with Zeit Now.

Here is to stepping out.

“Sometimes, the elegant implementation is just a function. Not a method. Not a class. Not a framework. Just a function.”

~Eric Elliot

“Perfection is attained
not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing more to take away.”
~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry

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I love what @kodedninja did with his site. Clutter-free and focused on the content. We need more sites like this.

Trying to get better at actually posting WIP things rather than end results. A long ways to go yet, but 귤 (gyul) is my attempt at a micro wiki framework which my site will use. It's also tied into my timetracker. Every entry will be accompanied by the info for that project, the stats which will be data visualization, logs, and tags of other projects which relate to it. Lots of cleanup, styling, and data visualization yet to go.

@jakub this is a song from the album we mentioned today. @rutherford this is the song that was stuck in my head after talking about it.

“I want to revive the soul of Japan that still sleeps in the darkness,” explains Meitei, who is driven by a desire to highlight an era and aesthetic he refers to as “the lost Japanese mood.”

Anyone have a good recommendation for a ebook reader on linux? They all seemingly have a terrible ui.

Since there are quite a few people that seem to be interested, I'll put together some type of idea on a city (I am thinking Amsterdam as a central location) and a poll for potential dates. It'd be cool for a group to get together, just hang out, and maybe even do some demos, show what everyone is working on, and just have a good time.

It'd be cool to do some sort of weekend Merveilles European Meetup this summer. Would this be something people would be interested in?

“I wonder how many people I've looked at all my life and never seen.”
― John Steinbeck, The Winter of Our Discontent

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