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@jrc03c are you open to the idea of me taking compendium (tweaking it a bit) and using it as my wiki viewer in the webring-cli?

I'll definitely link back to your repo and credit you.

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Shifting gears a bit and working on svg rendering with scala.js. I have an idea to do some space simulations and models, and I'm thinking scala.js will be a fun middle ground for the two languages I work in most.

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There are very simple reasons why our system is careening towards disaster:

One is that our system all about getting ahead, standing out, winning, out-competing.
The best way to do that, like any self help book will tell you, is to focus on that goal, your success, above all else.

And so cooperation, compassion, empathy become hindrances.

The higher you climb in a hierarchy the more effectively this pressure will reward those who only care about their success and weed out those who have any other priorities.

So of course the people at the top do not care about the common good or the health of our planet.

Really excited to get this cleaned up and deployed. The webring-cli will be able to take the webring rss feeds, create a tmp html file and display it locally in the browser.

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Beware the ethical car:

"Cars are a broken format. We shouldn’t give them a lifeline, or a new coat of paint, and society shouldn’t find a way to assuage the guilt that surrounds them."

I'm getting the itch to completely redo my wiki...

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I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining my first webring since the early 2000's. An in what illustrious company!

@neauoire is your timestamp correct in the hallway? I noticed it's said "just now" for far too long to make sense.

@drisc it looks like your ssl certificate is expired causing your feed to not be pulled into the hallway.

Showing a bit of ignorance here about content permissions and ownership, but how does one "repost" content from another? Is it enough to just credit and link back to the creator? I want to create a new section of my website that is just images I come across that inspire me, but want to make sure I do this is a way that both gives credit to the creators and respects their content wishes.

Working on more advanced configuration settings for the webring-cli including the amount of messages displayed and automatic git deployment.

I've enjoyed how over the past 6 months my discovery of new content and people to follow has changed. This morning I was looking at an rss feed that contained an article I enjoyed. I then went to the person's personal site that posted it, explored a bit, and sure enough saw they had a link to their Mastodon account, to which I proceeded to follow. This sort of discovery would never have happened for me a year ago, but I'm so happy it does now, and the content I consume is so much richer.

Released a new version of the webring-cli after a lot of changes. Should be smoother now with the ability to let you know if you're behind a version, no longer caches but fetches the feed on every webring hallway gander so you don't have to sync all the time, and will also replace @hallwaymember with the full twtxt mention.

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