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Last week at my current company. Finishing up everything I can both at work and personally before I dive into a new job next week.

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Originally had planned to work today and cross a bunch of things off my list, but spending the afternoon at the beach ended up being a much welcomed rest.

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Started a new portfolio site for my wife today, and using pretty much all new things (to me).


After a long stretch of primarily programming, the past two weeks have been full of research and exploring. I've gotten tons of new ideas and feel really refreshed. I've fond this pattern to give me a much higher output and keeps me from burning out.

(dark green is code, light green in research, and red is explore)

"More likely, we’ve been taught that this is simply how the Internet works: If we open ourselves to ever-increasing surveillance—whether from corporations or governments—the tools and content we want will remain free of cost."

For anyone curious, it looks like the people at standardjs came up with this to show advertisements for those that support their open-source work. While I get the idea, I don't want to see this in my terminal.

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wtf is this... now we have advertisements in npm packages?

I'm pretty much worked in aws this entire week at work...


I hate aws more than I did before this week.

I had a coworker who didn't know much about JS today ask me about the different ways to write functions in JS. I made a short example to explain it. Anyone want to read it and give me some feedback whether you are a JS god or plebian? I want to make sure this is actually helpful.

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I've been drawing a lot of inspiration lately from geometric shapes and vivid colors.

Ilya Chashnik — Cosmos — Red Circle on Black Surface (1925)

Any fellow time-travelers have to-do lists built into their time trackers?

Last week I came home from work to this piece my wife made and hung in our living room for our anniversary. It makes me smile every morning when I get and do my routine before I head to work.

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