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I'm moving to Greece in a few months so I'm going to try and ultralearn Greek. As a first step I've created a little tool to help me learn the alphabet. Meet Foni:

Also released a new version of the webring-cli tonight that finally fixes a few bugs with mixed list and key - value entries in the wiki viewer, some small rss reader issues, and other small cleanups.

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Saturn is so beautiful that astronomers cannot resist using @NASAHubble to take yearly snapshots when it's at its closest distance to Earth. But these images are more than just beauty shots: they reveal exquisite details of the ring system & atmosphere: 

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Implemented the ability to determine a users language preferences and also filtering by site language in the webring.

Relentless Suspicion:
"Question the necessity of each instruction in a time-critical piece of code and each field in a space-critical data structure."

So many gems in this article

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I have a renewed hate for jQuery and bootstrap today.

At times I wish we had instance only posts. I know that some forks, like hometown, have that. @somnius is that ever something we'd consider?

First week at the new job in the books. Finally the weekend, and finally some time to dive back into some stuff.

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"... NPM will intervene to make sure that the interests of companies are protected. The open source license that took a political stand is reverted to one that’s loose and company-friendly. The message is clear: keep working for free. Don’t quit: that would be irresponsible. Don’t protest: that’s disruptive. Your power, your control of your work, will disappear if you try to use it."

Last day of work at Visma today. Extremely thankful for all I've learned here, the people I've met, and the opportunity it gave me to move to a new country.

Some really great functional programming concepts explained in this video. I wish I would have seen this a year ago when I first started with Scala.

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It’s still very WIP, and it will probably break several times a day since I keep messing with code I don’t fully understand, but here’s my ongoing attempt at changing the Hallway into a personal microblog:

It includes a grid-like display, a tiny PHP backend for easy posting and editing, image support, and various small tweaks. It’s far from being finished, but I enjoy using and modifying it a lot.

@gendor also if you didn't know, it looks like he's on the fediverse. @matthewbogart just binge read Incredible DOOM tonight and loved it!

Added a password to keep it restricted to merveilles folks. Sort of just wanted to create a channel since I've never done it before. Shoot me a PM if you want the password to join. It would be fun to occasionally jump on and chat with folks.

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