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The next major release of `rx` will support UF2 fonts. Pretty stoked about this 🙌

Recently released Radicle, a peer-to-peer code collaboration stack. Super excited!

🤝 Peer-to-peer — no central servers, no censorship
💻 Local-first — everything's stored on your machine
🔐 Secure by design — no accounts, just crypto 🔑
💕 For the collective — a fresh take on sustainability

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Hello 🦑

I'm about cyberfeminism, postmodern synthesis/symbiogenesis and pixels (mainly from @cloudhead 's rx).

Talk to me!

Anyone know of a simple text editor that can work with encrypted files?

rx, the minimalist pixel editor v0.4.0 is out! 👾

Linux binary:


* Command history with <up>/<down> arrows
* Command-line <tab> completion on files and directories
* New command `:wq` to write and quit
* Much lower CPU usage when no user input

Going to be at FOSDEM if anyone wants to chat. Giving a short talk on p2p code collaboration!

Working on history search and tab completion in

Super excited!

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Merveilles, I appreciate and value all of you.
Seeing all of the wonderful projects and ideas happening everyday on this instance is truly inspiring and motivates me to work harder. It’s been easier for me to keep the faith in seeing what happens here.
Thank you everyone ^^

By synchronizing animations and waking up the thread only on input or animation ticks, we can greatly reduce power consumption without losing on input latency or interactivity.

Currently, this means CPU usage hovers at <1% with animations running and no input.

With the v0.3.1 release, `rx` now defaults to the opengl 3.3 backend. This means it should work on crummy old hardware from back to 2008!


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