With the v0.3.1 release, `rx` now defaults to the opengl 3.3 backend. This means it should work on crummy old hardware from back to 2008!

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@cloudhead crummy means "dirty, unpleasant, or of poor quality."

I can't help but feel like old hardware was better built, faster and of better quality than most of what is coming out lately.

@neauoire I think this feeling is partly due to the deterioriation of *software* actually. I do agree though about older hardware being better *built*, but only if you go _way_ back, eg. the 80s, or if we're talking specifically Apple's golden era (PowerBook Titanium!)

@cloudhead I don't think we have to go that far back.

We could compare the 2011 macbook versus the crappy and fragile 2018 macbook.

@neauoire yeah I haven't owned a mac since 2014 or so, but have heard horror stories, and tried the new keyboards..

@neauoire anyway, if we're talking hardware, this is what I'm excited about at the moment:

@cloudhead Ah! I meet witb MNT a few days ago in Berlin, you should follow him on here @mntmn

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