Recently released Radicle, a peer-to-peer code collaboration stack. Super excited!

🀝 Peer-to-peer β€” no central servers, no censorship
πŸ’» Local-first β€” everything's stored on your machine
πŸ” Secure by design β€” no accounts, just crypto πŸ”‘
πŸ’• For the collective β€” a fresh take on sustainability

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@cloudhead Do you see a problem with merge conflicts without a common 'master'/'main' branch for people to touch base on periodically?

@ndpi shouldn’t be a problem for single-maintainer projects, since their repo will essentially act as the canonical upstream. For multi-maintainer projects it’s trickier: maintainers may need to settle on who maintains the canonical repo, eg. Linus for the Linux kernel, but we’re also looking into a bunch of more automated solutions.

@ndpi one of them is just looking at which maintainer has the most recent HEAD, another more expensive one is to use a blockchain or centralized server to checkpoint the latest hash. This could be useful for large projects with lots of maintainers, or projects that want to tightly control merge privileges.

@cloudhead I'm super excited about Radicle!

Very cool to have one of the maintainers here in Merveilles Town :)

I'll be checking it out as soon as there's a Nix package for it.

@maxdeviant hey! Someone in the community was working on a nix package, I wonder if it’s already available πŸ‘€

@cloudhead It looks like there's an open PR right now:

Hopefully it will be wrapped up soon πŸ˜„

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