@maxdeviant hey! Someone in the community was working on a nix package, I wonder if it’s already available 👀

@ndpi one of them is just looking at which maintainer has the most recent HEAD, another more expensive one is to use a blockchain or centralized server to checkpoint the latest hash. This could be useful for large projects with lots of maintainers, or projects that want to tightly control merge privileges.

@ndpi shouldn’t be a problem for single-maintainer projects, since their repo will essentially act as the canonical upstream. For multi-maintainer projects it’s trickier: maintainers may need to settle on who maintains the canonical repo, eg. Linus for the Linux kernel, but we’re also looking into a bunch of more automated solutions.

Recently released Radicle, a peer-to-peer code collaboration stack. Super excited!


🤝 Peer-to-peer — no central servers, no censorship
💻 Local-first — everything's stored on your machine
🔐 Secure by design — no accounts, just crypto 🔑
💕 For the collective — a fresh take on sustainability

@suvij hmm good question — you would need a chip with OpenGL 3.3 support, I don’t know if the raspberry supports that.

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Hello 🦑

I'm about cyberfeminism, postmodern synthesis/symbiogenesis and pixels (mainly from @cloudhead 's rx).

Talk to me!

@jrc03c I am contemplating it — there’s a couple tricky things like password entry, but perhaps it can be hooked up with pinentry-ncurses

Anyone know of a simple text editor that can work with encrypted files?

@0xxg4 languages matter in the beginning as companies are already taking a risk hiring a junior, they don’t want the added risk of training on a new language.

@pythonvisa@fosstodon.org thanks this great to hear — I have poured too many hours into it already 😅

@cblgh thanks! Things are starting to materialize; it's pretty exciting to see.

rx, the minimalist pixel editor v0.4.0 is out! 👾

Linux binary: rx.cloudhead.io/#binaries


* Command history with <up>/<down> arrows
* Command-line <tab> completion on files and directories
* New command `:wq` to write and quit
* Much lower CPU usage when no user input

Going to be at FOSDEM if anyone wants to chat. Giving a short talk on p2p code collaboration!

@neauoire uncompressed and unminified? cloudhead.io is 578 bytes of css, but it's also a very simple page. I think < 1kb is challenging!

@neauoire this is soo cool. Makes me want to play around with the m68k ... I grew up with the sega genesis!

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