Musicians: who is your music for?

I'm looking for artists that do music visualization commissions.

I don't think I have many artist followers, so boosts are appreciated

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Today we announced the game that we've been working on for the past three years. It's called Gibbon: Beyond the Trees and it tells the story of a small family of Gibbons searching for home amid rising

I've been learning a little C through cgo. I like how simply the language works if you understand the basics of memory

-> obscure clang error from building pyre2 on ARM

I guess I can't run it with Termux. I will try on my computer at some point

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I could probably just run this in Termux? I could also just load it up on a linux machine to test before running on device

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Someone has maybe done this already but without the request/response rewriting?

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mitmproxy¹ could be what I'm looking for. My Python is certainly not fluent so this could be a challenge


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The already working alternative to this on Android is MinMinGuard which uses Xposed. I'm not sure if Xposed draws more power than running a local intercept server. I haven't had particularly good experiences with Xposed in the past, but I do hear that it's better now. Something else I'm considering is that Xposed seems like a much bigger security hole to open than intercepting and modifying local traffic. That may however not be the case. Going deeper down the network stack I know less and less

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Does anyone have any experience with using MITM to rewrite requests/responses on device? I'd like to try to block ads that way. DNS no longer seems effective as most ads are now served or proxied over the same server as the content.

My thinking is that it may be more efficient as a device-level for platforms with apps that aren't easily owned (in particular Android)

I'm noticing how out of practice on thinking through and implementing algorithms. I need to practice more :)

> I could run Firefox into the ground, and I'd do it for a fraction of the cost!

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Wildly unsuccessful:

lossy text compression algorithms

I'm hopefully moving soon and so I'm looking for a new job doing small scale programming in Typescript, Go, or Javascript. It has been a couple years since I last looked for a new job. Does anyone have any advice or leads that could help me find a good fit?

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