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It is now possible to help my muesli addiction, or possibly let me afford healthier food.

Having an independent income source would let me work on more free software stuff, even things that don't look good on a CV. And also create more art, possibly involving headpats.
But it's not like I'm starving or anything, so no pressure if you wanna give to someone more in need instead. That someone could even be yourself. Heck, go do something nice for yourself anyways.

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This is @grainloom 's art alt! Or @grainloom is @csepp 's social alt! Idk!

To start things off, here is some fanart of I first made because I needed a b&w avatar and then turned into a kind of ars poetica thing. That thing they say about limitations leading to more creativity definitely turned out to be true for this.

I have encountered more image descriptions on Mastodon in 24 hours than I have in Twitter in a couple of years. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating.
As a blind person, this means a lot to me. If you read this and you describe your images, thank you so, so, so much on behalf of all of us. If you don't, now you know you'll be helping random Internet strangers make sense of your posts by typing in a few more words than usual.

@pyredrid I can send examples later if required, but for now here's a short explanation:
When writing a description, consider what message your image is trying to convey. If you're posting a pic of the amazing cake you made, you'll obviously want to focus on what type of cake is it and how tasty it looks, rather than the bit of wall you accidentally captured in the background. With a painting, you'd focus on its contents, mentioning the type of paint used only briefly -- unless the paint and style were the focus. So on.
Don't be afraid to be less than objective. You aren't writing these descriptions for newspapers. The Fediverse is humans interacting with humans. Trust me, we not only don't mind, but genuinely want to read about how cute that thing your pet does is. :ms_grin:
But if objective descriptions are more your thing, those obviously work well, too. Write what you know and enjoy.

Reading inspired me to make a bunch of vent art drawings and now I feel more like I can accept and move past some stuff.
Art's pretty cool in that way.

does anyone know of any cool hacks that people used to use to bypass passwords in windows 95/98/XP/Vista? hard to find stuff for those systems these days

Welp, time to slep and/or install old QtCreator and make a hex editor for Windows CE.

Welp, animation is done, but the printed version doesn't have the tones I expected, plus the geometry is wrong, sooo, gonna finish it tomorrow. Too slepy to handle scissors, plus I'll need a metal ruler, which is outside ~somewhere~. You can now register for free for MenderCon , where I'll be speaking on the idea of starting an open source "repair shop" for legacy software.

#MenderCon2021: Thursday, May 13th, virtual

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Oops, had to cut some firewood coz it's cold and the others wanted a fire. Also the machine froze twice.
Added some swap so now it hopefully won't do that.

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Blendering stream uuuh in a few minutes 

Gonna finish the belated animation for Mothers Day. Hopefully I'll even finish printing and assembling it.
Chat: just reply here I guess.

Tomorrow (technically today) I wanna finish up the physical flipbook animation thing and hopefully print it. It's gonna rain, so I have an alibi for staying indoors.

I'll start a few hours after waking up, so, can't pin down an exact hour this time. If you wanna see me mess with more polygons and possibly cut myself by accident on camera, ping me and I'll ping you when it's going down. Also I'll curse at my printer at least once.

Well I didn't wanna fangush on main but 5 seasons in I can no longer contain myself:
Crow Cillers is indeed very good and definitely worth reading.

I actually really like for sharing visual art, at least conceptually, because it kind of pushes you to describe each piece if you want to make people open the relevant links. No infinite scrolling galleries, so you'd better make each navigation be worth it.
(on that note, I should start syncing my graphics folder to my memex)

#SummerSchool will be in session soon!

May 12 we are going to be opening up the forms for y'all to submit your research proposals!

It is an interdisciplinary academic conference. We are so excited for the fediverse to come together and learn and share together.

So keep your eyes peeled and your minds a'thinking of your proposal.

Graphics designed by Csepp!

Getting more into the swing of things with Chez. It's missing some libraries that Guile has by default, but that's a good alibi to write C bindings. I already implemented fork+execvp (badly, but it works), now I just need to get waitpid working.
I kinda wanna take the C preprocessor implementation from mescc (does it have one?) and use it to generate bindings. And with macros and stuff, I think I could have it run either at compile time or run time. OwO

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