This is @grainloom 's art alt! Or @grainloom is @csepp 's social alt! Idk!

To start things off, here is some fanart of I first made because I needed a b&w avatar and then turned into a kind of ars poetica thing. That thing they say about limitations leading to more creativity definitely turned out to be true for this.

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made a tiny adjustment on the nose's sharpness

protip: you can copy an image's alt text (in Firefox) by right clicking on it, clicking "inspect element", finding the "alt=" attribute in the DOM tree, right clicking on it and clicking "Attributes/Copy attribute value (...)" (where the "..." is the alt text)

....I'm starting to think I overdid the lighting in an attempt to increase the contrast. it washed out some edges....

ehhhh. i'll do a colored version anyways, that will make up for lost detail.

@csepp @grainloom Welcome to Merveilles :) I'm looking forward to see your works!

@neauoire Thanks! I think I'll slowly upload some old stuff and try to produce some new art before the semester starts.

@neauoire Nice to see the instance isn't void of custom emojos :blobuwu: (no blobs tho :blobsad: )
If you wanna take a looksie, some of them are on my old deviantart:

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