haha finally giving it a try
Running on rPi3, compiling is ok, but when linking it doesn't find libc.a. Is that normal? Did I do something wrong?


@nff you are probably running arm64. try 7c and 7l? or whatever the prefix is. look in /arm64/mkfile.

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@nff more precisely, you haven't compiled the arm64 libc, but since you aren't trying to cross-compile, you don't need that libc.

@csepp @nff for the record, if you do want to build just the libs, you can

cd /sys/src; mk clean; mk libs

@csepp yapp 7c 7l did it. Weird, looking at this page 9p.io/sys/doc/compiler.html the ARM64 is listed under 6c 6l, but compiling and linking with 6c 6l yealds the same error ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7c 7l FTW

@nff maybe they renamed it. i think 7c used to be for Alpha or something.

@csepp @nff the 9p.io docs are mostly historical and older

7? was Alpha:

DEC Alpha 7c 7l

From: doc.cat-v.org/plan_9/4th_editi

There was a mail on 9fans/TUHS recently where individual tables were shared

There’s a new documentation effort being brought into being primarily for 9front but @kvik was open to 9legacy as well iirc: docs.a-b.xyz/

@henesy @csepp @nff There's a lot of shared knowledge in the Plan 9 and even broader 9p world — Inferno comes to mind first.

The 9front labeling on 'docs' is incidental and mostly reflects the majority of the user and contributor base that I'm in daily contact with.

Contributions dealing with specifics and differences between different versions of our favorite thing are most welcome, maybe even dearly needed.

@henesy @csepp @kvik uhm that's weird, I'm probably running an old version of 9front. I downloaded the image quite a while ago, don't remember where from :/
I'll try and find the latest version!

@nff @csepp @kvik I think 5? should still work on an rpi3, but I could be wrong

You can always cross compile from a vm, etc.

The image is use for a pi3 is: 9front.org/iso/9front-7781.38d

@henesy @csepp @kvik uh ok I was using a build7408, will give the new one a try

@henesy @csepp @kvik just tried the latest build(7781) and got the same results, weird. but yeah in the end I can successfully compile and link with 7, just weird it's 5 for everybody else :/

@nff @henesy @csepp Read again what the 5l (arm) linker complains about. You don't have objtype=arm libraries installed on your system, which is why linking fails. You do have arm64 libraries, which is why 7l (arm64) linking succeeds.

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