205. THE SIX SHEEP-PENS. Here is a new little puzzle with matches. It will be seen in the illustration that thirteen matches, representing a farmer's hurdles,
have been so placed that they enclose six sheep-pens all of the same size. Now, one of these hurdles was stolen, and the farmer wanted still to enclose six pens of equal size with the remaining twelve. How was he to do it? All the twelve matches must be fairly used, and there must be no duplicated matches or loose ends.


puzzle solution, PostScript source code 

@dudeney_puzzles graphics in PS

% A6 paper
<< /PageSize [297 420] >> setpagedevice

/scaling 30 def

/line {
0 0 moveto
0 1 lineto
} def

/page-center {
currentpagedevice /PageSize get {
2 div
} forall
} def

page-center translate
scaling scaling scale
1 scaling div setlinewidth
6 {
60 rotate
} repeat

6 {
0 1 translate
2 60 mul rotate
-2 60 mul rotate
0 -1 translate
60 rotate
} repeat


brutaldon 0 1 1
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