> starts 12/10/2021 12:00 PM
> ends 13/10/2021 8:00 PM

So I guess 12 PM is noon and 8 PM is 20:00....

The 12 hour system must be destroyed....

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@csepp the 12am/pm thing finally made sense when i realized that 12 really means 0.


It's even more fun when it's in legal documents, and the legal documents disagree with each other on whether midnight is 12 AM or 12 PM. - Confusion at noon and midnight

"The style manual of the United States Government Printing Office used 12 a.m. for noon and 12 p.m. for midnight until its 2008 edition, when it reversed these designations[17][18] and then retained that change in its 2016 revision.[26]"

Having worked in the transportation industry in the US, and in the telecommunications industry: the US has many folks who understand, and use, a 24 hour clock. In speech, and common use, it's 12 hours; if not in those industries, likely 12 hours. Folks in those industries just convert when needed. When someone joins one of those industries, they learn the 24 hour system, as they need to.

@Truck @csepp Whaaat. I had assumed for the last three decades that 12 AM always means 00 and 12 PM always means 12.
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