So, who's having a go at #adventofcode this year?
Last year I participated for the first time using #elisp to solve the challenges.
This year I'm hesitating.. kotlin, common lisp or maybe a language I have no prior experience with?


@woozong Do CollapseOS Forth so that I'm not the only one. UwU

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ooooooh that's a real challenge I guess.. lemme think about that one ;-)

@csepp @woozong Oh cool! I'm glad to hear you'll do it in forth :) We'll be two

@jonn @csepp @woozong Collapse has quirks that might make it really hard to learn without prior forth knowledge. Have you considered just going with a more standard forth?

@neauoire @csepp @woozong no, it's just that for a while I wanted to check out collapseos, and I saw some action on mastodon. Not much considerations at all.

"A more standard forth" sounds arcane to me, since I feel like forth-like things currently only exist as a way to program CollapseOS and some cryptocurrencies. And I'd much rather program CollapseOS :D

@jonn @csepp @woozong that's the spirit ✊ it'll be fun to have a bunch of people doing forth things for AoC

@jonn @neauoire @csepp @woozong thats a bad way to look at it :< - uxn isnt collapse or crypto! gforth isnt collapse or crypto! factor isnt collapse or crypto!

@jonn @neauoire @csepp @woozong you've got a ton of different forths for different OSes and platforms.. some of the early classic mac code was forth!

@eris @jonn @csepp @woozong I personally never came across a forth used for anything remotely close to crypto 🤚

@neauoire @jonn @csepp @woozong i got bugged about it once a while back - crypto infects everything :(

@neauoire @eris @csepp @woozong when I believed in Bitcoin, I wrote a fair share of BitcoinScript, which is heavily inspired by Forth, AFAIU. Same goes for Tezos VM language, which is also based on Forth.

@jonn @neauoire @csepp @woozong forth is easy to implement so makes sense. its also why so many esolangs are stack based

@eris @neauoire @csepp @woozong oh, I wasn't aware of this stuff! I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying that I'm ignorant!

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